Biden the NATO Traitor

Why is Biden setting up meetings and making promises and concessions to Russia without talking to NATO first? This feels like Afghanistan all over again, will Britain hold him in contempt of parliament for two times in one year? Go for the gold baby!

I fixed your title. Biden is a dumbass.


One unidentified Ally made a statement that Biden promised NATO would not have boots in Ukraine, when NATO made no such promise. This is awful! They already own the Druhzba and Nordstream pipelines and they overtake Ukraine they’d own 70% of the worlds Lithium Cobalt. Well done Biden!

NATO is nothing more than an adjunct tool of the Pentagram. As such even the bumbling dotard cannot be a traitor to a group that is nothing more than a collection of puppets.
Biden will do the right thing - nearly nothing, due to bumbling incompetence rather than through rational and reasoned thought.

Why is this awful? America first. We own nato blah blah.

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Remember back a couple of years ago when the line was that NATO owed us money and were deadbeats?

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I’m actually going to agree with you. They expanded well beyond our defense agreement at expense of United States. It’s time to put our foot down. Russia has national interest in Ukraine…more so then EU IMO.

Well we must take into account the interests of Russia.

How about the interests of Ukraine?

Do they get a say?

Yes they do.

Ukrainians are more Russian then French, Italian or UK. Hell more Russian then German IMO.

Well there is a reason that there are a bunch of ethnic Russians in Ukraine.

The Ukrainians got starved out by Stalin.

But…. Let us imagine that there is a majority of ethic Russians in Ukraine who do not want to be a Putin client state and more closely aligned with Europe.

What then?

Not my â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  problem. If EU wants to expand into Russian underbelly let EU suffer the consequences. America needs to stay the â– â– â– â–  out.

Also I believe we have more interest in Russian then most of EU…because of Russia vast resources.

And…I want to point out Europe can do their own fracking…thus less dependency on Russia.

I don’t disagree with Biden on this tactic. No doubt Russia has concerns about foreign troops being stationed where none have been since WWII. A possible general war in order to station troops in Ukraine and Estonia makes no sense. Nor does a nuclear war in order to keep small areas that are predominantly Russian from havin some degree of autonomy. And it makes sense that the countries that would carry the load in such a war would be involved in avoiding it.

Russia is willing to wage war in Ukraine then on Russia own territory. And honestly…I don’t blame em.

Amari airbase. Estonia has had nato troops on its land almost immediately after joining nato. Russia didn’t invade. There is a reason. Nobody really cares about Estonia.

Ukraine has lots of natural gas…Europe wants it and Russia wants to control it.

But that also doesn’t mean Russia wants NATO troops at it’s belly. And I don’t blame em.


Right. Nato needs to badk off

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Strategically, the right play is to burden Putin’s Russia with Ukraine.

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They did. That’s what Maidan was and the expensive as hell separatist movement

This is the counter. I think nato needs to figure out a different strategy.

I’ll be more explicit: abandon Ukraine entirely, at considerable cost in human suffering, while it is being swallowed by covid and drought, and encourage Putin to invade by making it clear the US will force a NATO umbrella over Kyiv next year.

Ah ok. I don’t know. Being Russian but having a lot of Ukrainian friends, i have a personal issue with that strategy. Six figure death counts are not something i want to think about.