Biden takes Thanksgiving swipe at 'sick' sale of semi-automatic guns

Well, Biden sure moved the goalposts and about the full length of the field.

It is no longer just so called “assault weapons.”

It is ALL semi-automatics.

That would wipe out a massive portion of the hunting rifle market.

It would wipe out all pistols.

And it would probably wipe out all double action revolvers.

It would have been nice had Biden dropped this rant BEFORE the election. :smile:

So what would be left.

Single action revolvers.
Breech loaders.
Lever action rifles
Pump action rifles.
Bolt action rifles.

Of course, the most common rifles for hunting these days are semi-automatic and generally are the rifle of choice for women and children/teens in the field. I do have a bolt action rifle, but primarily use my semi-automatic rifles for hunting.

It should go without saying that semi-automatics are much more appropriate for self defense purposes around the home.

Gun control is clearly Democrats stupid issue, just as abortion is Republicans stupid issue.

I welcome Biden to PLEASE talk up this latest version. :smile:


I noticed how quiet this thread is, not one single lib either defending or criticizing this.


Damn that guy is stupid.


everybody knows all we need is shot guns.

Nobody listens to that dumbass.

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From the comment section of your link, sums it up nicely.

Guns protect him everyday of his life. He is saying our lives are not as valuable as his


I like my semi automatic, mag fed, bullpup 12 ga. Somehow I don’t think it is what Brandon had in mind.


…cept supposedly…81 million Brandonites?


Critprogs won’t touch it.

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Well, I’m certainly glad someone was sick enough to sell me the 2 semi automatic pistols that I own.

Oh, and I won’t be parting ways with them.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


It seems Biden doesn’t understand what a semi-automatic is.

fauci do told

I thought he retired

There are millions more right behind him.


I dunno, it seems to me that if the current SCOTUS can hold that abortion is not a constitutional right as the Constitution does not mention it and its substantive right was not “deeply rooted” in the country’s history, it would be intellectually dishonest for them to say that the Second protects semi-automatic weapons that were unknown to the founders and didn’t exist for half of the country’s history.

At any rate, at the end of the day, there’s a ridiculous number of guns already in circulation, by any measure, and there’s no way to put that toothpaste back in the tube. So stock up on thoughts and prayers. And stay away from Walmarts.

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Biden’s sick idea of stripping rights at that scale likely won’t stand long. I suspect there will be “clarification” to the imbeciles statement. Something along the lines of “not ALL semi autos…just the scary looking ones”.


Is there some doubt that there are that many obsequious zealots out there?


What is your basis for this opinion?

Not nearly enough.