Biden releases 'gender equity' plan that calls for eliminating cash bail

Yes. It is.

This is why people oppose the cash bail system.

You say that as though everyone is on the same page. They aren’t.

No, I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m trying to say.

I understand that the facts are different in every case - and I understand that in some situations, people accused of crimes should be locked up before their trial.

What I’m saying is that determination should never come down to how much money they have.

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In the scenario you were given… both men accused of rape enter the same courtroom. One is rich… the other is poor.

Should the rich guy go home over the poor guy because he can afford the bail?


That would be a violent crime… so pre trial detention is warranted imo.

I didn’t say that either.

I said what I think should happen.

Your lust to put words into my mouth is as disgusting as your dehumanization of preborn babies.


So the state should not deny a 15 year old rape victim a termination of the pregnancy.

Okay… back on track.