Biden releases 'gender equity' plan that calls for eliminating cash bail

So now the puppet masters behind Joe and Kamala have released a plan under their names to achieve gender equity by eliminating cash bail on a national level. The plan also calls for more federal oversight and accountability (translate control) of local police forces and prosecutors.

Biden releases ‘gender equity’ plan that calls for eliminating cash bail

First…it was to remove corporal punishment in our school system…academically the negative results speak for themselves.

Next…that generation grew up into adults and the next move was to defund the police and the absolute violence, mayhem, chaos in these areas that have initiated or spoke favorably about this, speaks for themselves.

Now it’s eliminate cash bail and allow me to predict the outcome; repeat murders, theft, arson, violence, destruction of personal property, mayhem and chaos on an even greater level…while these same are allowed to run free, awaiting their time of prosecution.

All I ask is that all those involved in making these decisions, who think it’s a good idea, who can then see the “V” on their forehead when looking in the mirror…stay there. You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.


Giving agents of the State the power to beat children for what they consider to be an infraction is pretty wild.

There was no “beat” but if that makes you feeeeeeeel better, just keep sucking on that pacifier of lies.


Then how do you define “Corporal punishment”?

In my day, it was a plastic whiffle ball bat. It stung but it couldn’t physically harm anyone :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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As far as the topic of the OP.

I think that there are points about the cash bail system that can be reformed that we could find points of agreement on.

This is a subject that affects those who are not able to afford bail and therefore are held for pretrial detention for… in some cases an indefinite period of time until they can come up for trial.

This is the State jailing them without the due process of having a day in court.

For non violent offenders, holding people this way can absolutely destroy lives from loss of income when those who can afford bail do not have this punishment.

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Yeah… that is beating children.

Wild that a conservative would give that power to an agent of the State.


And people that feel this way are the first ones crying about making kids wear a mask…go figure… :thinking:

Oh I dunno, getting paddled for misbehaving in elementary school or being made to run laps after school until you puked for being an ■■■■■■■ in a high school class didn’t scar us terribly.
Looking at my children’s generation now in their mid 30’s to 40’s, the suicide and drug overdoses are epic.
And now after what I consider child abuse for the closing of schools, look at what the “state” has done to them! Seen the suicide rates of pre and teens lately? Are these children even being educated?


The state of New Jersey eliminated the cash bail system in 2014 and despite all the doomsday predictions it has be successful.

The bottom line is cash bail is unconstitutional. It violates the 14th amendment and it’s time for reform.


You can label it what you choose but when you remove the ink out of a Bic pen and use it as a pea shooter during class, I’d label it a deterrent. It only took one whack from Mr. Warren for him to get his peaceful message across. If that didn’t happen sir, it’s total ■■■■■■■ mayhem…you know…like it is right now, not allowing it.


Perhaps that should have been a consideration before engaging in criminal activity?
The goobermint has fostered unaccountability, releasing criminals back into society is nothing more than subsidizing crime. And as we all know, or for those who refuse to acknowledge it, anything the gubmint subsidizes you get more and more of it.
The prog utopia is all fun and games until their car gets jacked, they get mugged or someone close to them gets their brains splattered on the sidewalk by a mook that should have been locked away from society years ago.


You’ve got a lot of that ahead…so pay attention to what I tell you here in Hannity Land. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

If the cash bail system is defective, fix it.

Wrapping it in some “gender equity” cloak is lunacy.

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This is genuinely funny. I dunno how old you are but I’m now knocking on the door of middle age and if teachers had tried to hit us past like elementary school, there would have been a lot of teachers getting beaten like rented mules by students.

■■■■ doesn’t even work. Just makes kids hate schools and teachers. I can’t think of ten people that went to a Catholic schools with corporal punishment that now don’t just hate Catholic schools with a fiery passion but it caused them to leave the Church almost entirely.


In my day they used paddles at school. Belts and switches at home.

They turned out generations of kids that are eons better than many being turned out now.

Just look at all the disrespect and hundreds of riots now from those who never knew an ounce of discipline in their lives.

Angry, bitter, entitled young people.

There’s the real child abuse. Raising with no discipline to speak of.


Uhh that’s physical harm slick… :rofl:

Is Brandon confused again? Are gender and race now the same thing?

And what physiological difference do black people have that makes them get sicker from COVID?

Yeah… forcible rape is up 50% since then but … hey … gotta love those horney NJ voters!

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