Biden ponders 2020

Joe Biden and his advisers are reportedly pondering a presidential run with Beto O’Rourke as VP to offset Biden’s age.

I’ve said this before- Biden loves the spotlight of keeping people guessing on whether he will run or not. We’ll see a lot more of this speculation (leaked by Biden) in the next few months.

Hillary will be pissed when she reads that Biden said he’s the most qualified person to be President.

Wake up Boys, there’s a light at the window
I can hear someone knocking at the Door!
There are voices in the street
And the sound of running feet
And they whisper the word:
There are men coming down from the Valley’s
There are Tall Ships lying off the coast
And they carry the Light
In the Dark of the Night
Like a whisper in the wind-
Bring my gun and a handful of Silver
By the Sea we will gather for the Fight
It’s been so many years, so many Tears
We have lost once before
Now, we’ll settle the Score
When our Cannons will Roar
Watch and Wait get ready for the Sign
There are many here among us now, that have not seen the Light
We must send the word to All Warriors in this Land
Go to every Hill and Mountain for the Time is now at Hand
To Shout across this Great Land
Yes, Patriots and Veterans we are running short of time, as the government we have taken an oath to protect is breaking down.
The Moon is on the Bright side
But we’ve thought of everything
Send the word throughout this Land
That the time is nearing to where they are forcing our hand
We will protect this President at all costs from those that would steal our Land.
Listen, keep your ears on the ground as this will happen on its own.
The politicians have stretched us to the breaking point and can the ballot box fix this?
Hell No, look at the cheating this past November, and the FBI has to know there was cheating, and no one is acting on it.
I don’t pretend to know how the Left did it, but hopefully the FBI will finally act for good people across this land.
We are 20 million strong and that’s a whole lot of people and we are focused.
We are focused on those that never got home and the young men and women lying in Spinal Cord Injury Units in VA Medical Centers across this nation.
Are we just going to sit?
That hinges on this woman Pelosi and Schumaker. They might not know it but they carry the flint that could cause that one spark that will make the cannons roar and the cannons represent all that love this country.
Like usual, they have forgot us Veterans and up until now we have been in our best behavior.
May God Bless our brothers and sisters who right this moment are in Afghanistan and they are the best this country has ever produced and and a special salute to the Navy SEALS that have taken hard hits this past several years, and none of us can forget,
EXTORTION 17 on 06July11 in where under very mysterious circumstances we lost 38 of the best combat soldiers this country has ever produced.
Sorry about me rambling on here jumping from there to here, but I once was an immigrant once, and loved this country from the moment I got off the plane.
It took 3 years for my daddy to get enough money to bring us over here. That’s what it takes when you do everything guided by US Law.

You could have provided the video to go along with the lyrics.

Thank You calirrepub, this is great to have the video, as I did not know how to do it. Love you for doing that, now people can just watch this appropriate video. I wish I could send it to everyone in America.

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Beautiful song.

interesting ticket!

although trump doesnt seem to be concerned by him:

I prefer “Don’t Pay the Ferryman,” which in a roundabout way tells the story about how any veterans who stand up for a felon president will end up getting their brains blown out.

I think Chris de Burgh should make up his mind on the whole veteran-protecting-the-president theme. Apparently, he’s been tortured by it for decades.

Biden-Beto is a winning ticket.

Then again, almost any combination of serious Democratic contenders is a winning ticket.

Your post is a wall of text which makes it hard to read. Are you saying civil war is imminent?

I believe your delusional if you believe there are any Democrats left in this country, as the last one was assassinated and his initials were JFK (Test)
You also might be glazed presently as I am Bill, and the song was sung by De Burgh.
I don’t like Democrats but I am a Democrat of old. There’s a huge difference my good friend. I have not been tortured for years as you again, misinterpreted once again.
If your going to communicate with me then respect the fact that I hurt when people say nasty things about me. (Yeah Right)

He should run on border control and lowering the trade deficit…

A Biden/Harris ticket would do even better.

remember what biden did to palin? Biden would pick him apart and this time you dont have hillary to fall on

He should have run in 2016.

Not doing so, however, probably increases his likability within the Democratic party.

im not sure thats right…Harris is cali…beto texas…texas plays better then a cali liberal

he should have but you could tell he wasnt ready

Please, please, please run Biden in 2020. Trump will destroy the old has been. Biden can hardly go straight. Do you see how fat he is? One word on the street is he doesn’t even have his original hair. I’m sure no one thinks Biden has a brain. No competition, really.


he might. Hillary was supposed to be tuff too and she couldnt though. either way your beloved butt patting media would say he did even though he didn’t

and lose like hell, like Hillary did

you’ve been duped

come to grips