Biden ponders 2020


I wonder if Trump can debate while in a prison cell.

You think the bars make it hard for the microphone to make Trump’s voice clear?


Biden Beto is a strong ticket. I just hope Sanders doesn’t run again. I’d take Biiden Booker, Biden Harris or Biden Gabbard. the entire focus should be on who can win the Rust Belt. Trumps numbers are plummeting there but Dems still need a strong candidate for that region.


He’ll either win and avoid indictment for another 4 or lose and very likely be indicted. I do like the scenario where he resigns days before leaving and Pence pardons everyone. Smart strategic move but it won’t save him from the SDNY.


I hope his cellmate doesn’t play alpha during the debate. I don’t see how that could possibly be a good look.

I could never see Trump resigning. It would be a smart play, which makes me believe that he would not choose it.


Yes it will, The SDNY is a Federal District Court.
Trump can pardon himself. He doesn’t need Pence.


Whoops you’re right. I meant to say he cant pardon his way out of NY State Attorney General charges.


If there are any such charges.


Yeah I wouldn’t bet against this woman…


I never wanted anything but this. I tried hard, worked hard. I ran around in domestic bliss. I found hard, died hard.

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what would be his crime?


Beating Hillary.


Don’t know yet, Mueller and SDNY are not finished with their reports.


Republican porn right there. Anything ending with a Hillary defeat.


ha yeah right.

based on a fake dossier purshased by hillary’s campaign, from a foreign agent, used to fisa up spy papers

what a good soldier


Repeating CEC talking points like a good soldier.

March on CEC, March on!


lol brilliant. the old “thats what you are!” reply

hey if you can dispute it go right ahead.

otherwise you apparently got nothing besides sarcastic retorts about fox news and Rush Limbaugh


It’s a talking point Sean reiterates every day of the week.

Clearly Mueller has found some illegal stuff, as Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, etc. can attest to.

It’s difficult to support a corrupt President when the CEC continues to peddle that only Hillary did something wrong. If she did do something wrong, why didn’t Trump get an investigation started?


does he really? huh how about that

well nothing he found on these guys has anything to do with this “russian collusion” nonsense

the whole reason the “investigation” was started


Anyone who uses the silly term “CEC” is deep into their own talking points.


ha. well put