Biden: Okay kids, Back in the Hole!

Trump solved the problem. This influx is created by Biden. He flagged them in.


Angry? LOL.

Biden played a big part in attracting them here, I have never said otherwise. Trump doubled down on bragging about how well they were treated in similar facilities while they were in many cases being abused. This new round of unaccompanied minors is in the early stages. It is yet to be shown how their treatment ultimately differs from when it happened under Trump or if Biden does something about the so called cages.

He did not, that’s pretty funny. Granted he tried in his clumsy way, no argument there.

There is no point. I have gone over in detail and with links the agreements he made with Mexico, under threat of cutting trade, in order to stop these influxes. And what do you get “What did Trump do:”. It is an intentional ignorance. If you answer it again, what will we get in a couple of weeks…“What did Trump do to solve the problem?”


“Please Biden, Let Us In”


Then at least you have to admit what Trump did to make the situation better was not do what Biden did.

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You are correct

In February 2019, 66,450 migrants crossed the US/Mexico border between official border crossings and were apprehended by US Border Patrol agents, committing the misdemeanor of illegal entry.
It’s a sharp increase from January and marks an 11-year high. But the number reflects an ongoing trend: record numbers of families coming to the US without papers.

by having one


only for those who dont hate america

Illegal border crossings were at an 11 year high in 2019

source pls

I believe that is true but much of that time was spent in a bad economy and they did not come When the economy started to recover they started up. Trump had to Wade through dozens of lawsuits before his policies took affect and it dramatically dropped. Libs always forget they did everything possible to delay his policies.


Some of Biden’s statements are concerning. What they are not, is the open borders bull ■■■■ the right is screaming about.

It was mighty nice of Trump to send them those t-shirts. :grin:

LOL, that literally would not surprise me. :rofl:

Probably had them made in China. :rofl:

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Then why were illegal border crossings at an 11 year high in 2019; 3/4 of the way through his presidency

What part of “Trump had to Wade through dozens of lawsuits” is tripping you up? Do you think those lawsuits were before his Presidency?


Illegal border crossings throughout Trump’s term were higher than the last 4 years of Obama