Biden: Okay kids, Back in the Hole!

"I’ll tell you right now, there are cages, I saw them with my own eyes and they look like dog kennels" - NBC’s [@jacobsoboroff]his firsthand account at the Border Patrol’s Central Processing Center in McAllen,Texas

How do you account for the lack of outrage? Has AOC gone down there and burst into tears again? Well why the hell not?

NPR: Migrant kids are being kept in ‘crude facilities’ because the system is overwhelmed (


It’s "D"ifferent now.


Remember when there were posts all over the internet saying Trump should be tried for crimes against humanity for putting kids in cages?

Should We Send Trump to the Hague? | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson (


Lib (D)uplicity is nothing new.

In fact, they don’t even care if you call it out with unassailable proof. The media will clean it all up for them.


I do! Remember when all the libs forgot to express any outrage over the current debacle?

Oh wait. That’s right now.



Let’s see how Biden handles the sudden influx overwhelming the system. Trump thought it was just fine and in fact, bragged about how well taken care of they were. I kinda doubt it will be the same this time.

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You mean the flux he created? That flux? So far he’s failed. And most of your reporters are ignoring it.


After Trump moved mountains to fix the border this is an outrage.


Exactly. The border was more orderly than it has been in years. Then Biden steps in and turns it into the worst ■■■■ show we have ever seen.


In what way did Trump “fix the border”?

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If you wanted to know what he did, you would know what he did. Have you ever done any research? Look it up. We can’t be in charge of getting you caught up. What do you think his best border policy was?


The subject at hand is the facilities, the “cages”.

So you got nothing. Okay

@camp said Trump fixed the border and I don’t see that he has so I alsed her to clarify her position.

Thanks for reminding me what my own topic is. Can I be in charge for a while?


Not if your going to switch gears midstream. :slight_smile:

Starting a thread does not make one “in charge” of the thread.

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That’s a really stupid assed assumption.

Okay sure. Since you have never done any of your own research, I’ll do your work for you.

Was it a good idea for Trump to end “catch and release?” What about the “Remain in Mexico program?” Pretty successful? Yes?

We can start with these two?

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I love this! Y’all are more angry at me than you are at Biden for his border debacle! Great stuff!

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Lol. This sounds familiar.

No it wasn’t.