Biden Obamacare's Biggest Supporter?

Where! Where?

Try talking to him instead of about him. Mealey-mouthed post that was.


Steel isn’t the only thing that has a tariff imposed upon it.

And, any products that you buy that contain steel will also be affected by those taxes. The company using that steel doesn’t exist to provide charity via paying those taxes without passing the cost along to the enduser.

Whaty does this © mean again. I forgot!

How in the hell is that the “opposite of policy”. :rofl:


I don’t buy any of that stuff.

Funny…© I thought it meant copyrighted

Are you serious? It’s right there in your OP lol.

BTW, where are Trump’s tax returns?

Context. I changed the meaning. Like “gay”.

Again, not the return, the hypocrisy.

At the IRS if he did them. Why is this about Trump?


Well, Trump wants to cut taxes, so we don’t need to see them.

Only the people who want to raise taxes should show their taxes so we the electorate will know what is in them and be able to make an informed decision on the content of their character based on how their accountant structures their tax liability.

So to recap.

Doesn’t want to raise taxes = can keep their taxes private

Wants to raise taxes = should show their taxes so people can pick them apart.

Anything else is hypocrisy

“Not policy” is the opposite of “policy”.

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Was the word hypocricy just used? And you seriously asked why this is about Trump?

You can’t be serious.

It just looks like you’ve copyrighted the word “you”… Which is confusing to me.

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Because you brought up hypocrisy all the while supporting trump who has not released his…it is the very height of hypocrisy.

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Unless you’re living off the land…yes…you do buy things affected by the tarriffs.

As much as Sneaky says dislikes Trump he has a deathly hatred of the dems in office. With Biden looking strong he’s in overdrive to knock him down.


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