Biden Obamacare's Biggest Supporter?

While the Bidens paid federal income taxes on all their income, they did not have to pay self-employment taxes on these millions of dollars in profits. The Bidens saved as much as $500,000 in self-employment taxes by taking most of their compensation as profits from the corporation, as opposed to salary.

The Journal cited multiple tax experts who called the Bidens’ move “pretty aggressive,” and a “pretty cut and dried” abuse of the system.

Say it ain’t so Gropin’ Joe! Taxes for we but not for thee?

Complaining about what is in a Candidate’s tax return.

How quaint.


I’m not. I’m pointing at the hypocrisy. :point_up:

The hypocrisy of not knowing what Trumps returns look like???

This is a good example of “The Thing” about taxes for me. If you think taxes should be higher, pay more. I’m fine with that; a man oughta do what he thinks is right.

I don’t think they should be higher, so don’t try to force me to pay more. Especially when you’re not doing it yourself.


I don’t care. His finances are none of my business. Is Trump trying to raise my taxes or did he give me a cut?

Well, we do know that he and his siblings did an enormous amount of tax fraud getting the wealth transferred from their father to avoid paying estate taxes.

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Is he trying to raise taxes?

Then why worry about Biden’s return?

I’m tired of this stupid ■■■■■■■■ brain dead argument. People don’t advocate for higher taxes for the sake of higher taxes. They advocate for policy that is paid for by higher taxes. It’s about policy, stupid (not referring to anyone specific).

I’m not. I’m laughing at his hypocrisy.

Same net effect. You © want the policy? You © ■■■■■■■ pay for it.

I don’t want it.

And that’s not true any way. They do advocate for higher taxes for taxes’ sake. Rob from the rich. Income inequality. All that ■■■■■

What it looks like is Biden taking full advantage of the tax law to minimize his tax burden.

Seems reasonable to me.

I do the same.

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Every increase in tariffs is, by definition, an increase in taxation.

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No it’s not. That’s literally the opposite of policy.

Did a big Trump supporter just complain about what is in another person’s tax returns? Because that’s amazing.

And there’s the point.

This is the part of the act where he tries to claim he’s not a trump support.

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I don’t buy steel.

No it is not. Look at you guys.