Biden needs to follow trump's lead on gun control asap and executive order ban all mags over 5 rounds

Trump set the precedent that an executive order to ban firearm appurtenances/accessories is constitutional and tolerable by cons.

Biden should instantly place an executive order to ban all hi cap mags over 5 rounds, binary triggers and that shoulder thing that goes up.

On top of being able to quickly inact gun control it has an added bonus of being a great way to troll cons and trumpers and expose their hypocrisy


It wasn’t tolerable by cons and has since been ruled an illegal EO by the 6th circuit.

Remember ban belt loops?


Nice try lib…


I don’t think biden should do that. I don’t think he will.

Biden has more integrity than the orange con man.

Well, that’s fantastic news. I’d better go check the lake. lol


He really doesn’t. We’ve merely traded one example of extreme incompetence for another.

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Biden is the moral superior of exactly zero people. And he’s a chicken ■■■■ to boot.


Biden is not great. But he’s better than at least one. And that is what matters. The alternative would be disastrous.

Biden has not done a single thing right yet. “The last one” as you call him, had the borders in pretty good shape. Until your dip ■■■■ decided to throw it a into chaos by removing the Trump border plan and replacing it with nothing.


Thus far, he’s a bigger disaster than Trump ever could have been in a second term and has made everything he touches demonstrably worse. I thought the prospect of Trump running in 2024 was utterly ridiculous, but he’s going to gain traction AGAIN because of Democratic incompetency.


You never had it better than under Trump until Kung Flu hit.


I had never had it better until Trump took office and the deficit started skyrocketing during a already strong economy. I’m guessing trumps base doesn’t care about what happens 10 years from now since the majority of them will be dead but I do. Blowing the deficit up while the economy is strong was retarded. The majority of the country saving a few dollars while a few end up with millions while destroying all the progress made towards controlling the deficit

What do you care about the “DEFECET!” How does it affect you?

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Don’t you care about what future we are leaving our grandchildren??? Stop kicking the can down the road!!

Oh wait. Trump did kick the can down the road and now Biden is stuck with it.

Nobody cares about the debt or the deficit. NO-BODY. If they did, they wouldn’t give their own party a total pass for their part of creating it.


It is unsustainable and limits the options during future economic downturns and disasters.

No. Neither do you. If you did, you would complain about how both parties have screwed this up. You would demand action from YOUR OWN PARTY! Are you demanding action from your own party?


Should we pretend it didn’t happen?

Can we just disregard certain aspect of presidency now? Well then Obama was great except for the isis thing.

Just Trump. You didn’t answer the question. How is the deficit going to affect your grandkids?


What? The Kung Flu? Of course it happened. Still is. What could any President do to stop it?

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