Biden hits new high in popularity

“Biden’s rating is bolstered by independents and Republicans, according to the survey. Independents’ approval grew 7 points, from 48 percent to 55 percent, while Republicans’ approval of the former vice president rose from 6 percent to 12 percent. Democrats’ approval of Biden, which is in the 90s, remained largely unchanged, according to Gallup.”

Republicans and indies join the Biden train during the honeymoon period.

Wonder how long it will last until the bloom is off the rose.

March? April? I guess we shall see how effectively he handles the vaccination distribution.


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Until we are over run with a new flood of illegals.


You really think people want to flock to the United States during a pandemic.

I bet that immigration, both legal and illegal took a hit in 2020.

I doubt people want to immigrate to the USA right now.

Let’s look up the numbers, shall we?



It will remain high for a few months after the inauguration and then start to decline. It will see a huge boost when a vaccine is administered, but then crater again shortly there after.

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No we shall not look up the numbers. Why? You asked for a prediction. You didn’t specify it had to be a prediction that you agreed with. I’m not looking up anything. I would rather simply wait to see if the prediction I made pans out. You cool with that?

What about border security do you think the Biden administration is going to change?

Oh my gosh. They are already pushing the “Biden vaccine”.
Like the drug companies and pharmacies aren’t prepared to handle it just like they do the flu vaccine every year.


Do you think it would be wise for Biden to take credit for operation warp speed? Or should he do the right thing and thank Trump for it?


I like how Joe is ignoring the elephant in the other room having a complete meltdown from Sore Loser Syndrome. I think that is bolstering his approval numbers.


His approval will rise until he replaces policies that work for policies that fail. He has zero good ideas.

I was told Trump built a great wall to stop illegal immigration.

For one I believe he will stop the requirement to stay in Mexico during their asylum application.


Right now many people are working with the image of the nice old grandfatherly man who loves shelter dogs.

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I don’t think the public with care one way or the other who takes credit for it. A sitting president, regardless of their actions prior, will get a boost in popularity simply for being the president when it happens.

I do think that this administration will give the Trump administration credit for the work it completed.

Then you were not paying attention. He was building a wall he didn’t build the wall.

The approval ratings will go through the roof when Sleepy Joe and Commie Kamala turn us into Venezuela. That’s what us True Americans have been waiting for!

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Well, we can’t expect Biden to be as magnanimous, gracious, modest, and willing to share credit and take blame as our current President, can we? That’s a bridge too far.

If you voted for Donald Trump twice, you have forfeited your right to complain about this kind of ■■■■■ LOL.


Nobody has to “thank Trump” for doing the bare minimum of his job. And no one will expect others to praise him or shower him with love or nonsense like that.


Why do you think this will happen?

I was actually thinking about this today. I’m gonna bet he thanks trump. even though it’s questionable how much trump contributed to the fast pace of vaccine development.

I thin politically there is no down side to being gracious, so I bet that’s what he does.

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