Biden gets piled on

Joe Biden is taking heat from fellow Democrat presidential candidates for reminiscing about how well he got along with the old segregationist senators Eastland and Talmadge.
Biden was trying to make the point that even in disagreement there should be civility.

Booker, de Blasio, Harris and Beto were the first to jump on him for suspected lack of commitment to civil rights. I’m sure there’ll be more to come. The article doesn’t say if Beto was flapping his arms or not.

I believe Biden is on the side of civil rights. He’s spent his career telling the perpetual lie that he was involved in the civil rights marches.
Any issue he cares about is worth lying about.

He isn’t being really inspiring right now.

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Biden was joking.

Biden is the joke…is more accurate.

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About civility or “getting things done?”


So says the biggest joke occupying the White House.

I heard internal polling by Trump as him leading California 82% to 5% over Biden.

California probably loves Trump since he makes his MAGA hats there? :sunglasses:

It was hyperbole!

Great let him get piled on. I am glad to see him take it and not whine like a baby like Trump does.

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In my opinion, Biden was making a valid point.

As a politician he could work with those with whom he disagrees.

That was all he was saying in there. Other Dems lost their minds over it.

Exactly. Can’t have anyone talking about being civil in the Democratic Party.

Democrats don’t like civility.

They’ll be swarming him in the debates next week.

See? We can agree.

Booker was just on TV with his head freshly waxed, complaining the Biden chose Juneteenth to deliver his racist blow.
This will be good.

I like Biden. His issue, as with the vast majority of Democratic leadership, is that they come from a different generation that doesn’t seem to understand the reality of modern politics or the issues the base is passionate about. They have been on DC playing the game so long that it is basically all they know.

The younger generation they need to be courting isn’t interest in the hemming and hawing. They are tired of leaders that act as if they are terrified to call things as they are and take real, forceful stands.

You’d be wise to do that all the time.

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ABC was asking about his son…

Break out the popcorn. :popcorn:

I’m getting the distinct impression that Biden isn’t the choice of the DNC, which means he isn’t the choice of the Clintons.
CNN did a hit piece on him when he first announced, dredging up his 1988 plagiarism and calling him a poor candidate. Now ABC is investigating Hunter Biden’s Ukraine connections.

They would obviously rather have someone younger and less pale. They will turn back to saying good things about him if either Bernie closes in or Biden completely runs away with it and he is the nominee.