Biden Gets It Right Armenian Genocide

I am surprised this hasn’t gotten more discussion. Old news perhaps. Trump didn’t even go there…wonder why.

Biden is right. I fear his foreign policy foibles may make this a wrong move…correct as it is.

Turkey is already a lousy ally. Should we be concerned with their response.

Does this help Iran? I think so.

The Establishment hates peace in the Mid-Eazy. :wink:


…how is that relevant?

A destabilized Turkey is a guarantee for military operations in that region.


How does this destabalize Turkey?

Fascinating. Please explain to us how America’s acknowledgement of a 100 year old genocide destabilises Turkey.

Trump sacrificed the Kurds that had been fighting ISIS for us for years to Erdogan and Turkey without blinking an eye. Lol

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Puts the spotlight on Turkey. Paints recent grievances against Iran in a more benign perspective.

The Armenian genocide was really horrific.

It is in line with Woke propaganda to point out the transgressions of the past. There is nothing the people alive today can be held accountable for.

Biden is correct. Woke isn’t the correct answer.

Better to leave it out of politics and put it into education and media.

Now I’m confused. Is genocide still just a different cultural norm for China, but not for Turkey? Does Biden know what he thinks about anything?


You do know that Biden put sanctions on Chinese officials over the Uyghurs. That is much better than the last guy who gave an official shrug about it as long as they bought a proper amount of soybeans.

We are late to game in recognizing this. Our other NATO allies have recognized the genocide waaay before we have.

We are followers in this… not leaders.

So acknowledging genocide is somehow woke.

The Holocaust is woke.

Wound knee is woke.

Everyone who thinks transgressions of the past were bad is somehow woke.


Reality is fact.

Burying the past is not the way to go.


Yep. We were way behind on this for political reasons.


It is in HOW the subject is approached that matters.

I do agree that we are late to the party on this.

The problem with making it a woke issue NOW is that this will undermine the HUGE step forward that the Trump administration had made in the region as a whole.

Trump had more success with middle east peace than any President in the last 50 years.

These deals are not only in Israel’s interest, however. These agreements continue to isolate Tehran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, and unite our allies in a collective front against Iranian aggression in the region and across the globe. This is in the United States’ best interests as well.

Iran contributes to some of the most destabilizing threats to the United States and Middle East. It supplies militia groups, such as Kata’ib Hezbollah and Hamas, which are responsible for countless deaths, destruction, and terror.

How does admitting as a country that genocide occurred set back Middle East progress?

Telling the truth about a bad part of history.


From a western perspective…absolutely.

Middle East alliances shift like the sands and can become unpredictable over an issue like this.

Rule number ONE if it is working don’t ■■■■ with it.

Biden enjoys ■■■■■■■ with things that are working.


I believe he is improving things not going backwards.

I guess we shall see if he is right on this subject or not.

It’s just like trump moving the Israel capitol to Jerusalem .

That worked out well.


I will give him that he at least mentioned whats going in China, the sanctions however were worthless. Two people sanctioned it would be like putting Goebbels and Himmler on the no fly list during the third reich. We have sanctioned Russia way worse since 2014 than the token sanction put on a few individuals in China.

We are getting a preview of what China is willing to do to it’s opponents they feel are a threat, and it’s going to get worse as they get richer by the west and push into the China Sea. Our biggest trading partner runs concentration camps and this will be the next cold war if not worse.

Agreed. It is only the beginning.

We need to rally our allies around penning in China instead of pushing them away as parasites like the last guy did.

Dealing with China as a world power is one of the great challenges of the coming decade and the last guy only accelerated their rise.