Biden Gaslights Oil Companies While Weakening Readiness

If this guy can get more stupid, I’m not sue how. In this one announcement he blames Putin for high gas prices even though prices were rocketing up long before the Ukraine invasion and there’s no evidence supply has suffered as a result. Then he goes on to blaming oil companies, threatens leases after the fact (that’ll enhance investment), calls for fees on leases that are already paid for (more incentive there alright) and gaslights unnamed oil companies as unpatriotic, evil, greedy, hoarders. What a great plan to spur investment in drilling, which was already depressed by pressure from wall street.

and then he turns the strategic petroleum reserve into the “save a nickle” fund announcing 1M bbl a day will be depleted from it to help with prices. that is decidedly not what the strategic reserve is for. its a readiness supply for national security (military) contingencies in the event of war. he’s going to deplete it to a level so low it has not been seen in 4 decades at a time when peace is precarious at best.

what a moron.


Russia and OPEC are to blame for gas prices.

Oil companies are to blame. They are private corporations… with shareholders.

I fully expected this post to blame Biden for opening up our oil reserves to help ease what the private industry won’t.

I got what I expected

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Biden is calling for oil companies to increase production. He has to bad mouth them to try to appease his “green” supporters.


while he does everything stupidly possible to undermine investment


At least he didn’t ask OPEC to increase production, right?

maybe he shouldn’t have stabbed them in the back with his iran dreams


Wow…a politician doing what politicians do. And you act surprised.

KSA has been trying to work out a new Iran deal for like two years.

Demand Destruction

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I’m guessing you had no issue (in real time) with Trump selling off some of the oil from the same reserve.

Btw, I kind of agree with many of your other points in your OP.

Doesn’t calling for OPEC to increase production impact US oil negatively?


Demand seems to be fine right now. It’s supply that is the problem

To destroy demand. It too, is Crit.

How is Biden destroying demand?

Prices are high because? Demand is outpacing supply right?

And who controls supply?

i had no problem with this. should have already been full.

and, he at least had a plan to refill it

having a plan to tap the reserve and refill it is quite different than depleting it to 40 year lows with no plan to refill it


Or desire.


i’m not a fan of subsidies for anything. the only ones i ever tacitly supported were the one for small drillers on under performing wells and some farm subsidies. energy independence and food are national security issues. i never particularly liked the ethanol subsidies because they make food cost more. trading one vital issue off for another isn’t a good deal. i have no problem with some green stuff, but it should not be at the expense of other energy sources. offshore windmills are fine with me, so are solar panels in the desert. turning farm land into solar or wind farms is stupid.

Wow. Is there anything Crit can’t do?


[quote=“Ben_Natuf, post:5, topic:241712, full:true”]
while he does everything stupidly possible to undermine investment

Just remember he’s working for the CCP, and everything he does all makes perfect sense.

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