Biden Gaffes His Way Through Roundtable

Yet you like the guy who wants to lead the country but won’t come out of his basement, and won’t do any press conferences at all.

Too funny.

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then why request unmasking

Don’t care. Doesn’t matter. :woman_shrugging:

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If this had been Trump with a “few mubles and bumbles” there would be a half dozen threads from some libs here and it would be playing 24/7 on CNN and the other leftwing media . . . but since it’s there candidate nothing but crickets.


Yes they do. However when Trump does it, it’s 24/7 on the lamestream media. Crickets from them when candidate and former VP biden does it.

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That’s not at all what happened. I saw it.

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Did Trump hold press conferences as a Presidential candidate? Or did he just do interviews like Biden is doing?

Honestly don’t know, if you know I would appreciate it.

Grade school girls?

They laughed at him and mocked him from day 1.

The only thing I heard of was him hanging around the dressing room of a Junior pageant he was sponsoring. Girls were undressing and he was hanging about. Not great.

More problematic is his friendship with Epstein, though. They were tight and he was aware of Epstein liking “very young” girls, he even addressed it. Hope he did not partake, but I know a lot of Epstein’s friends did.


Lol. Yes you “saw it” through your eyes.

There’s some bunnies that need herding, saddle up the pony.


:sob: :crying_cat_face:
Poor, poor Donald.


I didn’t hear about a junior pageant. I heard about Miss Universe. He probably did though. Given his known partners, he didn’t seem to like the really young ones. He definitely has a type.

Of course trump did press conferences in 2016. And it wasn’t a bunch of “what’s your favorite color?” type questions like obama got at his in 2008.

Pretty sure the “russia if you’re listening” joke was from a press conference.

But biden wants to lead the country from his basement and is afraid to have a press conference when he doesn’t know the questions ahead of time. (not that that helps him)

No. It’s not what happened. Not even close.

Yes. That’s exactly what happened.

And it made me laugh at him.

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No, not poor Donald. Simply explaining why he didn’t do the classic interviews.

No, it isn’t. It’s what you want to happen. He is handling the press beautifully.

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But not really interested in trumpsplaining.

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That’s wonderful that you see what you want to see.

Makes no difference to me though. :woman_shrugging:

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