Biden Gaffes His Way Through Roundtable

Joe Biden hosted a roundtable, Thursday, along with an assortment of Democrat governor cronies.
Biden made an utter fool of himself.
Among other things he told us that 86,000 American jobs have been lost and millions of lives have been lost.
In truth, it is just the reverse- millions of jobs and 86,000 lives.
While doing this, he stuttered and stammered and could barely construct a sentence.
This is not to mention the heat being turned up on his alleged rape of the Jaba the Hutt woman.

I’m going to make a flat prediction. He will not be the nominee. I don’t know who will but it won’t be Biden.

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It’s been 15 0 days since this poster’s last heavy woman remark.


I watched the round table and really enjoyed it, thought he did a great job. The Governors seemed to really appreciate his insights and questions. People see what they want to see, I suppose.


I hear biden has mega-loads of empathy. You’d think he could get his facts straight.

If he cared.

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Meh. He fumbled a few things but 99 percent of what he said was spot on and insightful.

If one just listens for fumbles to confirm their bias then that is all they will hear. I thought he did well, and I have enjoyed every one of his videos so far, they are pretty good.



I also saw the one where he mumbled and stumbled his through trying to remember the name of the person who gives him a corona briefing every day.

Don’t think he’s come up with it yet.

Not to mention all the times he named the wrong disease.

But “he cares.”

Do you want a president who thinks that only 85,000 jobs have been lost and millions have died?

No, but he doesn’t think that. He misspoke. We all do that, even the current POTUS.



At this point in his life, Biden is essentially a senile old fool.

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Would be a definite improvement over the senile old fool who scurried away from a news conference because the women folk were being mean to him.


the only in sight joes ever had is peaking into the girls locker room in grade school

Agreed, Lucy. Again, if anyone really is interested in how Biden is doing, just go to and watch one of his broadcasts. He isn’t a great speaker like Obama but he does a good job in his interviews. I really enjoy them.


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He says he used to take High School boys out behind the gym. One wonders what went on.

If you believe that, then vote for Biden. Good luck with that.

Old men who think they’re entitled to walk through females’ locker rooms are truly disgusting.


Now let’s compare your scenario with a middle aged Trump peaking into locker rooms full of grade school girls. The latter actually happened


so are old men who pinch 8 year olds nipples

I quite enjoy listening to him speak.

You know the fear is real when Donald supporters are reduced to insinuating “gay”.



Agreed. Why these entitled old men feel they have some right to just grab others’ at will for their own pleasure is testament to their sick and twisted minds.

Keep fightin’ the good fight against grabby old men like Gropey Joe, friend!


His campaign probably gives the reporters the questions ahead of time and he still fumbles his way through.

And you have to love how stephanopolous asks a question worded in a very specific way, biden answers that question using the same words and phrasing that stephanopolous used, and then when pressed furthers says, “Oh, I thought you asked me (this instead of that)”

“What did you know about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn and was there anything improper done?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“I know nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn,” Biden said. He accused Trump of trying to divert attention from the coronavirus crisis.

Stephanopoulos followed up, pressing Biden on his reported presence at a January 2017 meeting where he and President Barack Obama were briefed on the FBI’s plan to question Flynn.

I thought you asked me whether or not I had anything to do with him being prosecuted. I’m sorry,” Biden responded. “I was aware that there was — that there had asked for an investigation. But that’s all I know about it.”

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