Biden administraton lists the first 10 drugs that Medicare will target for price cuts

I think he did an EO to do that but it was never implemented. Not really sure of the details.

I think Brandon “froze” it.


Still froze.

Manchin daughter made a fortune on EpiPen.


Nothing is ever as black and white as most people make out.

Not saying what Biden was right but it was most definitely not an across the board EO that would decrease the cost of insulin for all. Though credit to Trump for trying and credit to Biden to help kickstart the process to stop the pharma industry from controlling prices.

Back to the topic just let the CMS negotiate prices, it will not stifle development because ultimately big pharma will need new drugs, new R&D to keep the investment money flowing.

Does it have to be? Who would have been included?

Is Brandon’s medicare drug miracle across the biard for all?

Here is Trump’s EO

Here is information on FQHC

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), FQHCs:

Qualify for funding under Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act (PHS).

Qualify for enhanced reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid*, as well as other benefits

Serve an underserved area or population

Offer a sliding fee scale

Provide comprehensive services (either on-site or by arrangement with another provider), including:

Preventive health services

Dental services

Mental health and substance abuse services

Transportation services necessary for adequate patient care

Hospital and specialty care

Have an ongoing quality assurance program

Have a governing board of directors

Who is left out?

Forcing it is the point. The drug companies negotiate with everyone BUT medicare. We are patsies. Thanks president Biden.


what are you thanking him for?

what did he do?

Correct, that’s Medicare Part D. Some folks just need to pay better attention to the people who actually know these things without having to google everything they wanna argue about.

Anyone wanna venture that a trip to any of those drugs mfg site produces a program that reduces co-pays down as long as one already has insurance?

My wife does it ALL the time, if she is given a new med, first thing she does is google mfg coupon" and every time she finds one. Reduces to at a min her copay to her insurance copay.

I venture that the majority of countries that use “universal health care” have the luxury of living under the NATO umbrella, consequently they don’t have to spend anything close for their military because the good old USA has their back so they can use those funds elsewhere.


And Plan D benefits and enrollments vary from state to state. The Mrs and I had a PPO plan accepted by all of our individual providers. Well, lo and behold the medical group was acquired by a corporation who would no longer accept that Plan D supplemental. We were able however to enroll in a better PPO plan at a cost of $10.00 each. The Rx benefits, deductibles and copayment savings more than cover the $240.00/ year out of pocket membership. We’re in Florida. I’m told Part D coverage in other states is brutal on fixed income retirees.


100% agree, which is why I included defensively at the end.

If the US wasn’t in NATO most of Europe either wouldn’t be able to afford their liberal drool inducing safety nets, or they’d be speaking Russian.


Nevertheless, you were incorrect when you said that

Medicare covers Eliquis.

But not necessarily for everyone.

Your Medicare drug coverage for Eliquis will depend on the Medicare prescription drug plan you choose. When it comes to drug coverage, Medicare has several different options available.

Medicare Part A will cover Eliquis when it is prescribed as part of an inpatient hospital stay and is administered by a physician. Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) and Medicare Part D will cover Eliquis your plan includes the medication on its formulary, which is the list of drugs it covers. Keep in mind not all Medicare Part C plans offer drug coverage, so you’ll want to be sure your plan offers drug benefits.

While they state that 99% of plans will cover it, that still leaves a very small portion (1%) that does not cover it. He may fall within that 1%.

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While the current program will eventually allow Medicare to negotiate the prices of up to 20 drugs per year, Biden will propose increasing that number to 50, and bringing more drugs into the negotiation process sooner

Great news.

At the time of the letter, one of AstraZeneca’s inhalers costs $645 in the U.S. but just $49 in the United Kingdom

I’m glad that the Administration and congressional Democrats are taking steps to reign this in, but I wonder why it even needs a human hand.

A 1300% price difference should just trigger automatic consequences. Shouldn’t even need attention from elected politicians. Ideally, that would just be a bureaucrat pinata.