Biden administraton lists the first 10 drugs that Medicare will target for price cuts

The power to negotiate the prices comes from the Inflation Reduction Act passed last year. The actual negotiations will occur during the next two years, with prices announced by Sept. 1, 2024. But the lower prices for the drugs won’t begin until 2026.

“When you have the biggest leverage with the biggest drug-buying group in the country — seniors, 50 million of them — get better prices, it affects the whole ecosystem and the marketplace,” Klobuchar said.

This is great news.
Americans have gotten fleeced for decades.

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Something that has been talked about for decades finally got done.

This is good for everyone.


so it’s another ant-trump thread

of course

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Of course it is. Libbies dont even know the prices yet and they dont even think that big pharma will raise prices on other drugs. But their tds gets the best of their little brains.


Feel free to interject if any of the above is wrong.

i was about to until i realized it’s another trump-spleen thread.


I have a feeling that Republicans who rely on Medicare will benefit from this just as much a Democrats.

This is good for everyone.


“Why did it take so long?” Is definitely the first thought that comes to mind when reading this story.

Average prices for prescription drugs in the United States are much higher than in other parts of the world. While other countries have determined methods for setting prices for drugs, the U.S. government is starting from scratch

This problem is old enough to be on Medicare itself and we’re just now starting from scratch.

It took so long because in order to get Medicare Part D passed way back in the Bush 43 years they made it so it was illegal for Medicare to negotiate prices.

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Not even in the endzone yet and its some kind of victory?

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It will benefit many. Good job Brandon.



So we should do ■■■■ all about the cost of drugs then? Not even try.

You are only being so dismissive because its Biden doing this.

“We” or government?

This is the most addicted thing I’ve ever heard spoken. A perfect illustration of western society. :rofl:


What do you mean? This is law that was passed last year.

Anyone who takes Eliquis, Jardiance, Xarelto, Januvia, Farxiga, Entresto, Enbrel, Imbruvica, Stelara or Fiasp will be seeing their prices come down.

Those ten drugs alone represent about 20% of Medicare Part D prescription spending at a cost of of $50 Billion.

Not only will this bring down drug prices, it is a responsible use of government spending to work to reduce the price paid overall.


Alas yes it has to be government. Not sure what people can do to get the cost of medications reduced.

Sure I can ask my doctor if a generic is available but that is not always an option.

Always no?

Has anybody thought to ask them nicely?

Lmfao yeah sure.