Beto predicts Mueller Report

With his arm flapping, Beto tells us how it will be.

lol the guy who serves baby turds as soft serve avocado and eats dirt for regenerative powers.

What does he think constitutes a shadow of a doubt???


I think babbling Beto got a bad batch of dirt. Not making too much sense.

He is very quickly becoming the white male AOC.



I bet they’ll share lipsticks and stuff

It looks like Beto has chosen to run full AOC. He’ll echo every hee-haw that comes out of her donkey mouth. In his spare time he’ll fall to his knees and apologize for any suspected PC breach.
He won’t last long. He’ll leave the race labeled as a fool.

I think what he was saying is that he…is the shadow of doubt and beyond him…Trump colluded.

One of these days that dude is just gonna start flying and we’ll all be surprised.

Well not me because I predicted it here.

I guess we see who the next boogeyman is for cons in this thread. Carry on.

Boogeyman? Village Idiot is more like it.

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He’s a weird dimocrat. And that’s really saying something for that bin of loons.

Nah, that’s obviously trump. We’re on to the projection of cons. This whole thread is con projection.

He scares the hell out of you. And if you want to appear to be an adult stop butchering words.

With all of that arm flapping, I think it more likely he’ll predict the weather.

Or at least the wind direction.

Here we go again with liberals confusing fear with disdain. That’s a common theme with liberals. I think it’s associated with libs basically being physical cowards.

I think he may be distantly related to Dumbo the Elephant.

It’s fear.

Everything is on your part. That’s my point.

No hon. You have the fear. I know, reading for comprehension is hard.