Beto- Flapping his arms into the sunset


Beto tried to restart his campaign on the View by apologizing for his privilege and elitism.
His polls have sank dismally since he announced. It didn’t take long for people to figure out he was an empty suit.


He should be running for senate. His big claim to fame is that he almost won a senate seat in Texas. How about you win Texas first and then maybe you can start thinking about running for president?


He has a chance at a Senate race. He has a big Hispanic following and almost beat Cruz.
It’ll be six more years before there is a Senate seat up for election.


You saying he wouldn’t have a chance against Cornyn? His seat is up for re-election in Texas in 2020


There is a senate seat open in 2020 in Texas.


Beto said he wasn’t going to run against Cornyn. Cornyn would be harder to beat than Cruz.


What a wimp. Too scared to run against a real Texan. He has no place running for president.


We see this every election cycle, someone starts out strong but burns out quickly. This is why I never take much notice of the candidates until they are narrowed down. There is still time for a dark house to emerge and take center stage.

If Trump wins re-election in 2020 I guarantee in 2024 you will see just as large a gaggle of Republicans vying for the nomination as you see today with the democrats.

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Loved Beto in the race against Cruz. I want someone with policy chops in the WH. It’s ok to sit this one out, Beto.

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Hard to predict it will be “just as large”. There were 17 Republicans running in 2016.
There are over 20 Dems running this year.


He should have beat Cruz. Cruz is unpopular in Texas even with Republicans. Beto ran on platitudes with no meat. ‘Follow your dreams’…‘You can be anything you want to be’ You could have watched Mr. Rogers reruns and got the same thing. He deserved to lose.

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Can’t beat the person most hated in the senate, but somehow thinks he’s popular enough to win the presidency. It seems to me that the lesson everyone learned after 2016 was that literally anyone could win. No! There are reasons a celebrity like Trump could win in a crowded field. Beto’s claim to fame is that he lost an election. That’s nowhere in the realm of being the star of a reality tv program with multiple seasons.


If only he had brought out the heavy policy stuff like Cruz. Maybe wrap some bacon around a machine gun or announce his strong opposition to communism.


So 20 > 17. :rofl:

I agree with you though. He’s flamed out.


One of the many white daddies the dims are running.

Funny he could be gone before gravel and warren.


Cruz ran a decent campaign. He didn’t go negative and he campaigned on the issues.
Beto tried to be a beatnik, self-help guru. It didn’t work.


Using “der View” to pander for relativity perhaps signals a death spiral for anyone.

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Gotta ask for the hannity forum lexicon.

What’s a “real Texan”?


Somewhere…over the rainbow…way…up hiiiiiiiigh. :sunglasses:

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How does Beto not qualify as a “real Texan”? He was born and raised in El Paso Texas. The guy he lost to was from Canada.