Best way to get people to do the right thing?

I said I would never get sick from it. Guess what? :wink:

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Lol. It’s not obedience but common sense.

Why put you and your loved one at risk by not vaccinating.


Public health is everyone’s business.


I was wrong about the time-line for the vaccine. I didn’t think Trump could do it.

Right about everything else.

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Cute fantasy about healthy people’s immune systems being any of your business, but you’re vaccinated, so your insistence on minding other people’s business is moot.



Another prediction of mine that came true was that libs would swallow this GWoP faster than cons could chew those Freedom Fries after 9/11. :sunglasses:

You are not society. I feel the need to point this out because whenever a question is raised about what society needs to do you respond with well I live in the middle of nowhere so nothing. Which is weird.

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It’s our business in that collectively we pay for everyone’s health care, either through tax money or insurance premiums. It’s also our business when sick people don’t show up to work, or show up to be customers in our businesses.

Have you been vaccinated?

Nope, but I’ve been through more society this year than you have in the last 10. :man_shrugging:

What does that mean?

None of your business. :wink:

Not a fantasy but common sense.

We will have to agree to disagree on the subject of public health concerns.


Well, I hope you have. Had to see you pull a Ted Nugget.

Doesn’t matter what you hope. If your immune system sucks, by all means, get vaccinated. Just remember to mind your own business in the meantime. You’re no one to tell anyone what to do with their bodies, much less ask them personal medical questions. :man_shrugging:


‘Healthy immune system’ as an original state of wellness is entirely fictional.

It hasn’t helped that the Johnson & Johnson and Astrazeneca variants have had legitimate issues. That shouldn’t be discounted as “conspiracy” chat when the FDA pulls a vaccine, and it only perpetuates this mess. At the time, I planned to wait for an RNA dose if J&J was the only option offered to me.

  1. Plenty of people who think they are healthy, or think they have good immune systems have died of Covid 19. Some have underlaying conditions that they don’t know about, others are just plain unlucky.

  2. While it’s swell that you have god-like T cells and might survive Covid, since it is highly contagious and statically speaking most people spread the disease ot others, you might well infect someone who is vulnerable.

In that we all will pay for your health care one way or the other if - god forbid - you get sick with COVID 19, and in that others in your community might be infected, it’s everyone’s business.

Oh crap, I haven’t heard of any of this. What percentage of people are having serious side effects?

  1. Stop calling it “the right thing”.
  2. An honest, consistent message to educate people.
  3. Stop the virtue signaling with masks.
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Can someone explain the political divide on this? Why aren’t republicans eager to get the trump vaccines?