Best way to get people to do the right thing?

43% of Republicans say they likely will never get vaccine (other survey data ( shows similar results).

Vaccine supply will outpace demand in a month, at which point increasing demand becomes the priority.

The question - what’s the best way to get these people to get vaccinated?

  • Legal recourse?
  • Private sector prohibiting unvaccinated people from using services?
  • Double down on PR?
  • Deputize syringe squads to jab people when they’re not looking?

I tend to think the answer lies in behavioral science. Much like reframing the default option for 401k participation and organ donorship as “Participate” increases retirement savings and organ donation, I’d wager COVID vaccination would yield similar results.

Another piece is to get people in a place where they have to say no to a live person in order to opt out. Much like I can’t say no to a cashier asking for an extra 5 bucks for St. Jude, it’s harder to say no in person to an ask than to ignore a commercial.


Most people don’t even need the vaccine.

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I prefer to annoy people.

I don’t vote for Democrats, but I took both shots as soon as I was able to get them. COVID-19 hammered my family, with both of my siblings developing serious complications after contracting the virus. I also had the benefit of family members that actually work as public health researchers, so I was able to get concrete information during the course of vaccine development that wasn’t propaganda from the right or the left. I wish I knew what the answer was here, but most people are skeptical about this virus until it actually hits them or a loved one hard.

  • the entire conservative manifesto since 2017

Pay them.

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Simple enough. Make it a required vaccine for school and work.

■■■■■■■ people wouldn’t dream of not getting their puppy their jabs but are just determined to be too dumb to live.


Yeah, that 4 year pout with false charges thrown one way while folks the other way got protected never happened.


Lol your whole ideology has been reduced to owning the libs. Russell Kirk weeps.


It’s like the measles vaccine. Everyone needs to get it to establish herd immunity.

Which is unlikely to happen given republican males reluctance to get vaccinated.


It’s more like the flu vaccine. Neither virus will kill me and my immune system will give me the immunity in place of an unneeded vaccine.

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Covid more deadly than influenza.


For some people.*

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For old people like me.


Then get the vaccine and don’t worry about us healthy folks. :wink:


What about dems.

Dems appear very obedient according to the OP.


Already did, it’s the unvaccinated that worry me. If we had herd immunity the situation would be so much better.


It is impossible to overestimate how often you guys have been wrong about COVID in the last year plus.


Awesome, you’re all set!

That’s because you’re not minding your own business. :wink: