Besides Tax Cuts For The Wealthy - What major domestic thing has trump accomplished?


We also know that Trump owns at least one business that employed undocumented workers in 2018. Surely that makes him complicit as well? The honourable thing for him to do under those circumstances would be to resign.


When you can prove that Trump knowingly hired illegal aliens please do so. Trump is a user of the H2B visa program and that has worked well for him so he has no need or desire to use illegals.

That illegals have found ways to fool employers as to their status is a surprise to you? In fact, Mexico has helped illegals get to the country and get employed. That’s our friend, Mexico.



Perhaps once upon a time is lacking in that post.


Perhaps not.



All he had to do is stand on third base and then run home from someone else’s sacrifice.


Did any US President ever say the Soviets would pay for American missile defence?

Trump repeatedly campaigned on Mexico paying for the wall,your comparison doesn’t hold up at all.


Obama improved the economy by miles, trump by inches.


Only if one is not a thinker.

Familiarity breeds contempt.


It’s always “ the buck stops somewhere over there “ when it comes to Trump.


Its pathetic


Regulation machine vs business man


You guys live in a fantasy. Trump has only lowered unemployment by about 1%


Errr. So who had the majority and the White House for trump’s first two years? Err.

You want to cast blame for exploding deficits but give trump credit for the economy all in the same thread. Somebody’s authorizing the massive expansion of government and somebody can veto bills. Err. Who?


Con artists thrive off of passing the buck


Err i am so confused. Obviously, since Trump isnt responsible then Obama wasnt. And if Congress is responsible, the GOP took the house in 2010 and the senate in 2012 which makes them responsible for the majority of Obamas debt? Either way let me assure you it wasnt dear leader trumps fault


You miss the point.

YOU care whether he can force Mexico to pay for the wall. Those if us who know what a problem the border is don’t care. The problem is just too great to worry about if and when the country most to blame is going to pay for it.

It has to be built, in ANY case.




Obama had eight years to try to get things moving, but Trump has broken records at the sharp end of the stick where it is increasingly HARD to keep moving, and in just two years.

But PLEASE, oh PLEASE, oh PLEASE…Run on the idea that Trump’s economy just isn’t impressing anyone.



Then have your folks run on what a lousy job he is doing with the economy…PLEASE!!!



Stop pretending that the Republicans could do anything they wanted for those first two years and the Dems were powerless.

You only look like a fool to try to proffer that nonsense to people who know how the Congress works.



The Congress is always responsible for the budget, as you well know.

That’s the way it works. And without a super majority for either side, it is always a political compromise of wants and needs and campaign goodies to dole out to the folks back home.



The lowest the Unemployment rate got during the 12 years of Reagan and Bush 41 was 5% in March of 1989. The Unemployment rate under Obama dropped from 7.8% in January of 2009 down to 4.7% in December of 2016.

A bit more jobs were created under Obama in 2015 and 2016 than under Trump in 2017 and 2018.

2015: 2.71 million
2016: 2.24 million
Total: 4.95 million

2017: 2.19 million
2018: 2.64 million
Total: 4.83 million