Besides Tax Cuts For The Wealthy - What major domestic thing has trump accomplished?


SO? As I said, the closer you get to full employment the harder it is to make gains, but he’s made 'em.

AGAIN, Trump has brought employment to all-time record levels among minorities and better than at least 50 years for women.

There is NO WAY to spin that as anything but a great accomplishment.



Ya. Trump did that lol



He inherited 4.8% unemployment. Its dropped 1% with exploding deficits and spending increases. You guys are unreal.


They are only left with “the economy was already so good that it was hard for trump to further reduce unemployment”.


So, you’re saying that Obama brought them to all-time record lows - EVEN AS you SEE them going lower under Trump in your own chart???



Run on that…PLEASE!!!



Did a decline in unemployment start with Trump?


Did I say it did???

I said he has brought it to RECORD LOWs.

That is a FACT.



No. I’m providing context to what Trump inherited. Its like inheriting $2,000,000 from your dad then bragging to your friends the next year that you retired because of your annuity you bought with it. Bruh, it was handed to you on a silver platter.


I’m not saying the economy sucks. Im saying your hyper partisan praise of Trump is devoid of context.


A pointless, out of context fact only meaningful to those who are uninformed


How about you stop pretending that Republicans were powerless.


Those city council members don’t know whats coming…


You are soooooo right. Trump and the “conservatives” were powerless. Keep on chugging the Koolaid. You look thirsty.


Trump: I will build the wall and Mexico will pay for it.

Once again another lie from the mouth of D Trump. The verbal gymnastics involved by people trying to defend this particular lie is simply mind numbing.


I agree and the ludicrous thing is everybody with any sense knew that Mexico were never going to pay for it yet we had people on here suggesting all kinds of reasons why they would.


And now they choose to ignore that Trump said it. It’s the same whenever (and there are so many examples) Trump says something completely stupid or disgraceful: he was only joking.


The problem is so great it only became an emergency in the last few months?

To compare it to missile defence during the cold war is pathetic,you were conned by Trump and are now making excuses for him.


Is that the emergency that he said he didn’t need to do it?


Their tracker is updated in realtime mark…

Dont go calling other people morons…glass hosues and such…