Besides Tax Cuts For The Wealthy - What major domestic thing has trump accomplished?


A wall; did someone mention a wall?


Oh, he can be a boor at times, but frankly, with all he is doing right, I can afford a little boorish behavior.



The person who quoted in your post claimed: Errr, he doesn’t control the spending. That is the Congress.

How is D Trump building the wall and which entity provided the funding for same?



We spend 10 billion dollars on paperclips in a trillion dollar budget, but it’s too much to spend on national security and human trafficking???

Thanks for giving an example of the piss-poor way the Congress handles the budget. I appreciate the help.



Well you certainly need it when the claim you made was so easily refuted.

Since you appreciated my help so much, let me provide some more help. The drawing up of electoral boundaries should be put in to the hands of an independent body. That body should be responsible for drawing up boundaries that are regular shaped save for physical geographic features like rivers, coastlines etc. or state boundaries. This body should also be responsible for the conducting and counting of the elections.

Please let me know if you need some more help.


That doesnt help your cause


But you didn’t refute my claim.

The President is using money that the Congress appropriated to entities controlled by the Executive branch and he’s using it to build the walls he’s building, since they won’t fund it otherwise. This is defense security money, forfeiture money and drug interdiction money that is entirely withiin his jurisdiction to use.

The Congress wants to pretend he doesn’t have that right but they gave it to him.

Too bad.



One of Trump’s great accomplishments is that he stopped blatantly lying about the unemployment figures, stopped lying about some “real” unemployment numbers that he estimated at 30-40%, and accepted the government (BLS) figures as genuine, and touted them, after he got elected by flaming idiots who believed his lies then.


But of course it does.

First and formost, it refutes figures from the moron whose article you quoted, and it is more than a year old. Think of all the deregulation that has gone on since then.

It also makes it clear how well recieved that deregulation has been for the business and manufacturing community.

Abd of course it would be. Over-regulation STIFLES business and restricts manufacturing uneccessarily. Obama was a regulation machine and NOT a businessman. He either didn’t care what he was doing to business or didn’t understand.

You can find similar articles if you look for them. There is no question that a businessman knows best how to foster business and create jobs. It’s silly to even argue the point.



It is subject to court challenge as to whether he has the authority to do what he wants to do with that money. I don’t believe you are the final authority. There is a saying: “be careful what you wish for”.


Would they be the same figures that certain Fox News employees said during the Obama presidency were not to be believed?


Everything is subject to court challenge in this society.

In fact, this is money that was apprpriated for the Executive branch to use. Some of it is for defense construction. That is the very essence of the wall - a contruction for the defense of the nation. Some of it is drug interdiction money. Again, the wall will help in drug interdicition. Some of it is forfeiture money, as in money that criminals have forfeited. That is also an appropriate use as the wall will help to stop coyotes and human traffickers from profitting. Use their ill-gotten gains to stop them from achieving ill-gotten gains. PERFECTION!



You haven’t explained why D Trump needs to use a single cent of US money to build the wall. Unambiguously said on many, many, many, many, many (oops I got carried away mimicking Trump) occasions that Mexico would pay for the wall.


Err. Ok. So neither trump nor his party has any responsibility for massive government expansion, increased spending, and record deficits. Got it. Guess it’s all someone else’s fault. Man… Trump does a magnificent job of conditioning!!!


I love how you guys always ignore the fact that at the beginning of Obama’s term we were losing 100’s of thousands of jobs a month and then toward’s the end we were gaining 100’s of thousands of jobs a month.


So, your fall back is that Mexico isn’t paying for it???

Well, during the cold war the Soviet Union refused to pay for our missile defense - even though they were clearly part of the reason we needed a missile defense.

But we sucked it up and payed for our defense ourselves, anyway. Becuase we NEEDED a defense and it wasn’t useful or relevant to argue about who was to blame and who SHOULD pay for it.

We need the wall and it doesn’t matter who SHOULD pay for it, at this point.



I said nothing about what Obama did or didn’t do until you guys brought him up.

I said that Trump has improved the economy and broke records, doing so; that his economy is SPLENDID. To deny that is to deny reality, and yet you guys keep trying to do exactly that.



I didn’t say tht at all.

Can you not read???

I said that the CONGRESS - both sides of the aisle - are responsible for the budget and the spending, and that each side is entrenched in their demands for what we spend on.



How can you equate the Soviet Union with Mexico? How do you equate missile defense (sic) against an enemy with Mexico an ally?



Mexico did nothing to stop illegal immigration and even encouraged it. They as a nation are to blame for their part in it and the harm they do to us with it.

With friends like that who needs enemies?

Why do you think the idea of them paying for the wall is so appealing? We KNOW what they did and didn’t do.

But we cannot wait for them to pay for it anymore than we could wait for the Soviets to pay for our missile defense.