Besides Tax Cuts For The Wealthy - What major domestic thing has trump accomplished?


To my satisfaction.


So, your opinion.


My strongly held beliefs.


Touché. Since you’re not a government official, you can do with your beliefs as you please.


I was a government official. I may be again some day.


A list of what he has done in two short years has already been provided for you. And he’s done it with the most incredible pressure from his enemies that we have ever seen in any presidency.



Errr, he doesn’t control the spending. That is the Congress.



Err, your charts only prove that he has improved the economy on every measure, when we were all told that his policies would be disasterous for the economy.

Clearly they were NOT.



What are my thoughts on the Congress writing huge deficits into the budget with all their own agendas and attempts to buy votes?

I’m never happy with the Congress.



Oh, but that’s NOT what we were told. We were told that he WOULD crash the economy with his policies. He clearly moved them forward in the right direction. It doesn’t follow that the economy just coasts along successfully. It needs to be pushed along and he’s pushed it well.

And as I said, the closer you get to full employment, the harder it is to make any gains at all. To go from 4.8% to 3.8% employment is MUCH tougher than to go from 5.8% to 4.8%, for instance. The gains get incrementally harder to achieve.



Err. Who had complete control for the past two years? Err.


But yet you hate government. How odd.


He pushed the corporate tax cuts and he had massive deregulation - still doing it, too.

BOTH are hugely helpful to creating business and creating jobs.



Errr, no.

You can’t pass a budget without spending from both sides of the aisle - especially in the Senate, where nothing gets done without concesus and compromise.

We spent billions on Dem pet projects as well as Republican pet projects and any attempt to blame the massive budgets on one party is galacticly dumb.



How does Baby Boomers retiring increase the number of people working?

His would be success in spite of retirements - not because of them.



Yeah about that…

He has 143 deregulation which 19 where challenged and he only won 5% of those.

Helping is an opinion


Sorry nope.


Here is a list…there is a lot delayed or waiting…mark should have researched this


Errr :laughing: you guys just cant say anything critical of Lord Trump


What idiot told you he has only done 143 deregulations??

You are misreading what your article is saying. It is saying that only these 19 cases were taken to a court.

He has cut regulations all over the place and they are having the exact stimulating affect he hoped it would.

This article lists “1,579 planned regulatory actions have been either withdrawn or delayed in the last year” and it was written in December of 2017.