Besides Tax Cuts For The Wealthy - What major domestic thing has trump accomplished?

But trickle down

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Debt clock where is it? Has Fox News it? Why hasn’t it played the same prominent role as it did during the Obama presidency?

Has the one-time Australian now American Rupert Murdoch banned its use on Fox News?


Every indicator is the same. Steaming, booming, are palliatives for conservatives who thought the Obama economy was bad.

His who policy? :wink:

So trickle down does work?

“Trickle down” and GDP growth aren’t synonymous. Deficit spending stimulates the economy, no doubt. Whether that’s achieved by reducing taxes or increasing spending (in Trump’s case and in many others both) is irrelevant. GDP tends to increase either way.

In terms of whether it amounts to “trickle down” isn’t as simple because it doesn’t identify who benefits from that growth. If the goal is to raise the living standard of lower socioeconomic people, then trickle down seems to me to be highly inefficient. It would be more direct and efficient to make sure the tax cuts target the people who need it the most rather than hoping the benefits “trickle down” from on high.

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All deficit spending is stimulative. Its a question of “who” is being stimulated (eww). Corporations and the wealthy increasing spending doesnt mean it “trickles down” to the poor and middle class in a significant macroeconomic way. It just means they are spending or investing more. And all this with doubled deficits and increased rates.


I’ll wait…

What major accomplishments does Beto O’Rourke have?

What accomplishments does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have?

Are you asking what accomplishments they have as a result of running the country? None. What a silly question.


Beto and cortez are the bar you hold trump to?

  1. Trump repealed a portion of the ACA; and said he would sign off on legislation that would repeal all of the ACA, but thanks to Paul Ryan the legislation didn’t make it out of Congress.

  2. Part of the wall is being built. It’s just not finished.

  3. "President Obama’s post-recession gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaged an anemic 2.1 percent. In his last year in the White House, GDP grew at a pathetic 1.5 percent – hardly creating what Goolsby described as “some of the best economic conditions for a new president in a half century.” Trump’s reversal of failed Obama policies has created a booming economy | Fox News

  4. Why is the GDP under the Obama administration lower than Trump’s?

  5. From the same source:

During the Obama era, wage increases never reached 3 percent in a 12-month period. One of the problems was too many people working part-time in the Obama years.

“The unemployment rate in September stood at 3.7 percent, the lowest rate since 1969. Not coincidentally, for the week ending Oct. 15, initial claims for unemployment benefits were the lowest since 1973, when the U.S. population was 110 million people smaller. This is because the Trump economy’s job creation numbers are regularly beating expectations – averaging over 208,000 jobs per month so far this year.”

“In the Trump years, the number of people working part-time because they are unable to find full-time jobs has dropped by 1.2 million, while the number of people working full-time has increased by 4.3 million. On top of the wage increases, benefits increased 2.6 percent. Perhaps more importantly, thanks to the Republican tax cuts, workers take-home pay has increased even more significantly at about 5 percent.”

  1. Killary isn’t in jail because Loretta Lynch exonerated her.

Obviously an opinion piece. I wouldn’t call all of them successes. Rolling back environmental progress is not a success.

Because there was this thing called the financial crisis where we were losing 800,000 jobs a month when Obama was sworn in. You should read up on it.


You should provide sources.

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Unemployment was around 4.8% when Trump was sworn in. One of the longest sustained job growths in history. In fact, Obama created more jobs in his last 2 years as President than Trumps first 2. Trump still has not beat Obama’s highest quarterly growths, and has increased gdp a little over 1.5% by doubling the deficit and returning spending to 2009 levels.

But those were part-time jobs.

Yes, thats a good man on the radio talking point. But, as you can see, as we got out of the recession the vast majority of jobs were full time jobs

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Remember that time you gave props to the Trump administration for recognizing kids with down syndrome and, in like a week, they cut millions of dollars of funding from the Special Olympics?

I guess that is an accomplishment. Technically.