Besides Tax Cuts For The Wealthy - What major domestic thing has trump accomplished?

I can give you 1.013 trillion reasons why Trump and total Republican control for the first two years of his presidency were not the greatest.

Can you give any evidence to support how out of control spending has ever been good for us?

Remember 00-06?

Because he didnt pass any of his policies. See the OP. Although, he did pass tax cuts which blew up the deficit and didnt change any of the economics. See the provided charts. Once again you fail.


What are your thoughts on Trump doubling the deficit to $1trillion and returning spending to 2009 levels? (At full employmemt)

You are confounding success with absence of failure

Trump didn’t crash the economy, those who said it were wrong. The economy is following the same trends it did under Obama

Those things are mutually exclusive. But you knew that.

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No not really. Fed hiked rates .25% ONCE in 2015. And once in 2016. Last two years of obama’s administration. Esentially Obama was trying to get the economy going with the lowest rates.

Now in Trumps first two years, the rate was hiked 6 times AND it’s still steaming along.

No, the economy picked up after Bamma left office – despite everything the Dems and leftwing media have thrown at the nation (you know the 93% negative reporting).

It is almost like Trump did not do anything at all, yet takes credit for…something. Probably like his golf game.

Obama didn’t have the luxury of a large debt fueled stimulus package the last two years either.

And the economy is about the same now as it is in 2015, which I’m told by a great many conservative voices was a total disaster.


So continuing what Obama did.

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Obama controlled the Fed?

It is true there was a small uptick in the economy after the tax cuts. That was expected. Not much since then. It could be argued the tariff game Trump is playing has actually hurt the economy. That and the uncertainty he causes by his changing his mind, on several issues.

Business hates uncertainty.

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Nope. Just pointing out how well Obama’s economy did the last two years of his administration (2 rate hikes) compared to the first two years of Trumps economy (6 rate hikes).

Considering experts say the recession ended in 2009 and it took 6 years under obama to get the economy going enough for the first two rate hikes.

Now either Trump hasn’t hurt the economy – and in that case does it seem likely the Obama economy would suddenly take off to require the next 6 rate hikes, or trump helped the economy and the fed had to slow it down.

I’ll go with the latter thank you.

You’re being awfully narrow in this assessment.

His North Korea policy is on that list.

That is amazing


Then what did he do to help the economy?

Because Trump instituted stimulus spending at full employment. Inflation. Trump is an idiot.

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This is the thing that cannot be gotten around.

The results of the tax cut played out exactly like the naysayers said it would, because history.

But the supporters keep on touching that stove and when the Democrats get into power all of a sudden people get very worried once again.

All I ask for is some consistency.


What were the fundamental differences in the economy between the the last day of Obama’s term and let’s say six months into the Trump administration?

Let us not forget the billions of federal dollars pouring into the Midwest to offset the stupid tariff policy.


6 years?

Its not like reagan did any better. What did you guys expect… a square wave?


The slope for obama’s unemployment reduction is also in line with history



If, worst case scenario, we were going into debt to save the planet and educate our kids, that would be a sizeable upgrade to going into debt so billionaires have an extra hundred million. Which is what we are currently doing.