Bernie Sanders is getting more donations from Active Duty Military than Donald Trump

The military is speaking about the Commander in Chief. While the article focuses on how much Sanders is outpacing Trump the numbers indicate much more money flowing to D candidates than to the man who claims he rebuilt the military.

is this a crack in Trump’s case or are we to assume the military is a hotbed of socialism these days?

Sounds like insubordination and sedition to me!

They must be scared after Bernie’s boy’s threaded to put Trump supporters in concentration camps like the freaks they are.:rofl:

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You analysis would make perfect sense if you were assuming the military has no means to defend itself.

Socialism? Active duty military get to see first hand around the world what a ridiculous argument that you’re making. We have socialism already for large corporations and the wealthy in this country but we have “rugged individualism” for everyone else. The con is over. Military members and their families don’t want to sacrifice their lives for corporate profits. “National Security” has now become code for corporate profits. Military members are stationed in countries that have national healthcare systems and they can see first hand that the people are healthy and they are not being financially ruined for the care that receive. You can call it socialism but the people who have the courage to wear the uniform see something different.


I am sorry I was not clearer that my reference to socialism was sarcastic.

saw the same stories about hillary. how’d that work out?


It will not surprise me if Bernie wins the Democratic primaries.

Did the original post mention “which” country’s military is donating to Bernie? Spasiba.



It’s pretty obvious that they believe Bernie would be the easiest for Trump to beat. :wink:


After the tank incident in the pentagon. The simple idea anyone in the military would vote for trump is an insult

How do they know who’s sending those small donations?

I thought that I heard that nobody likes him. Funny that.

To see what we are talking about, the article says that the entire military contributed 186k to Bernie.
Since the military has about 1,300,000 people in it, that would be a contribution of about 14 cents per military member.
What you have is not enough contributions made to judge anything about “the military” except that over the time period covered there were minuscule political contributions to Presidential candidates.

But go ahead and make huge assumptions. Maybe we can work a new impeachment out of the assumptions.

How many cents per military member is it for D Trump?

Not much for anyone. If you want a story, it is probably more with how much money at hand the average military person gives to anyone…at least in this stage of the campaigns.
Or really the story is how biased media sources can make a story that suits their own purposes out of nothing.

No you didnt. Military members preferred Trump over Hillary by a margin of 2 to 1 in 2016. This is a very big shift from that trend.

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Not exactly surprising, the dem’s have been hitting it hard fundraising for more than a year and there is a very active democratic primary underway where Trump is running unopposed.

Let’s look at those numbers again come October once the totals are in.

This isn’t any problem for Trump. I’m sure Captain Bone Spurs will soon roll off of whatever adult film star he’s currently on top of and mount an offensive that will make his most ardent supporters proud. I’m sure that will include disparaging POWs and fighting with Gold Star families. Fight the good fight, Captain Bone Spurs, we’re all counting on you!