BERNIE’S BIG WIN: Amazon Caves to Sanders, Raises Minimum Wage to $15

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ war against online retail giant Amazon came to a close Tuesday, when CEO Jeff Bezos announced his corporation will be raising the minimum wage for all workers to $15 an hour.

“What Mr. Bezos has done today is not only enormously important for Amazon’s hundreds of thousands of employees, it could well be a shot heard around the world. I urge corporate leaders around the country to follow Mr. Bezos’ lead,” wrote Sanders.

The decision comes weeks after Sanders introduced harsh legislation that sought to impose a 100% tax on Amazon and other large companies for all government subsidies received by their full-time employees.

F…g blackmail by the freak from Vermont, they keep doing the unthinkable, conservatives unite before it is to late

Filter bypass is big no no here. I suggest deleting your post ASAP.

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Oh my gah Amazon actually doing something for workers by request. Its blackmail i tells ya!

What dirt does Sanders have on Bezos?

What do the employees who were already making $15 get?

Actually you’re right. it’s not blackmail.

It’s extortion.

Lol! You go with that sparky. Im sure their warehouse workers will totes be on board.




  1. the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

Big bad Bernie used the force of government to threaten Amazon for more money. What he did fits the definition to a T.

What do the employees who were already making $15 get?

The right is angry about this… like what is wrong with you guys?

So something good happens for teh forgotten man and conservatives freak out.


What do the employees who were already making $15 get?

Don’t know. Would imagine over time, their wages will adjust upward.

What was Bernie threatening them with?

Sho the person with several years of experience will suddenly be paid the same as brew hires and will have to patiently wait “over time” to make more money. That seem fair to you?

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One would assume a raise, because companies have pay scales based on positions.

Which means that it would result in raises for everyone… why are you making weird assumptions that don’t pass the sniff test?

That’s a pretty big assumption.

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Not necessarily.

I’ve been through it. The longer someone was there the less their raise was. And there was a cutoff beings which there was no raise. The net result was everyone ended up being paid closer to the starting salary.

I trust that Amazon will figure out what is best to do with those employees. Bottom line is, fewer employed americans will need tax supported subsidies because of this move, and that is a good thing - don’t you think?

Are you arguing that Amazon should have done nothing and continued to have a work force heavily dependent on tax payer funded subsidies?