Barr Meets With Murdoch

Barr met privately on Wednesday with Rupert Murdoch at Murdoch’s home. This comes almost immediately after Trump’s poor showing in the latest Fox poll.

Aides to both declined requests for comment on the meeting.

Anyone surprised they had no comment?

Don doesn’t like the poll numbers and is sending Luca Brasi for a friendly chat… :wink:


Welp, the fallout from this should be interesting.

They’re not even trying to hide anything anymore.


What kind of job is Barr doing?

Pretty clearly he is doing Trump’s bidding.

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So we are paying our AG to get media companies to stand in line for the POTUS…

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The role of the United States Attorney General has always been to coordinate messaging with the news networks. Not all “news networks” will play ball with the administration, but there always will be one that will agree to be used in that capacity.


The next Fox poll will be better for Trump. I’m sure they’ll tweak the methodology just enough to get a “true” polling result.


In before, “at least it wasn’t on a tarmac”.


New Fox poll will have 1% for impeachment of Trump and 99% in favor of impeaching Nancy Pelosi


If I were Murdoch I would tell Barr that Fox News will stop running ■■■■■■ stories when Trump stops acting like a little ■■■■■

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Well to be fair the Attorney General is always a political lackey of the president.

“I can’t recall,” but did Holder ever meet with Jeff Zucker or any LSM CEOs privately?

You’re right @TommyLucchese. It shouldn’t particularly be surprising when an AG works to enforce a president’s legal agenda, but meeting with heads of major news outlets in private, presumably to discuss coverage of the president?

It’s even more interesting because Rupert Murdoch doesn’t run Fox News anymore. His son Lachlan does and Lachlan despises Donald Trump.

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No doubt that Rupert still has a lot of say in things. And no doubt he’ll go to Lachlan to try to smooth over the in-fighting at Fox right now.

Shep Smith just stepped down as chief anchor so it seems like you’re right.


Barr met with Murdoch. Therefore “something something something” made up without any evidence.

In what alternative reality is it necessary for an AG to meet with a news network head? Particularly the Republican news network (as deemed by Trump)

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In what alternative reality is it wrong for a person, AG or not, to meet with Murdoch? Do you even have evidence it was on official business?
Every time someone in the Trump administration meets with someone, that is not proof it was for the purpose of an illegal conspiracy.