Barr has Mueller report


It is exactly the same thing. This board exists because of politics. Facebook doesn’t. We are all guilty during one campaign or the other.


Obstruction…pay attention


I guess you don’t believe advertisements aren’t meant to influence people either?


They are still friends and it is all a shame. So was the Kavanaugh hearing.

Shame! Shame! Shame!


Of course they are.

I guess you think they can convince a F350 guy to buy a Prius.


No obstruction.


Yes and dems got caught doing it in the Roy Moore election


Uh huh…sure


Who hacked Sony and who told you?


Thank you, always glad to be of service.


And it didn’t change a single mind.


Youre only saying this because Strzok has different political views then you. Werent you just talking about “proof” regarding criminals? You cant prove Strzok’s political beliefs affected his work in the investigation. Mueller having worked with him likely knew it wouldnt either. Yet, given the (unproven) outcry of Strzok’s inability to objectively carry out his work, aside from his personal opinions, Mueller rightfully fired him. I know this is all about politics to you, but to others not everything is an attack, part of some grand conspiracy against Lord Trump.


You don’t know that. You and WR changed my mind on guns but i listen and learn This board is a form of social media just like you said.

Now imagine that people believe eeverytjing they read on their Facebook feed.


Whataboutism just shows people you approve of the thing you are criticizing others about, IE the person who does the deflecting is demonstrating hypocricy.


Sad Fox doesn’t have Hannity on. Might as well watch CNN…


Some North Korea hacker apparently. What does this line of question have to do with anything?


Dude, you can post 10,000 words and call me every name in the book. It will not change the fact that that smirking son of a bitch is in the top 5 Greatest ■■■■ Bags of all time.




I called you a name? More like, destroyed your partisan argument. What name did I call you??


Sorry he got under your skin. Unfortunately, you nor anyone else proved that his objectivity in doing his job was compromised. Believe it or not, FBI officials vote too.