Barr has Mueller report


Yes, except they knew there was no collusion going in…


I know there is a lot of celebration going on but again if social media can play a part in murder, suicide, etc it can play a part in an Election.

The strength of the effect however is up for debate.


That’s fine. I have no problem with that.

Now about all those dems on Mueller team!!!


Hey, Russia, If you have Hillary’s e-mails…[email protected]!


Ok. What evidence do you have that the FBI is lying? Methinks you have been hanging around too many conspiracists.


You must be joshing me. He gets no points for firing them after it went public. Are you seriously claiming the World’s Greatest Detective, Dick Tracy Incarnate, didn’t know Strzok was a ■■■■ bag when they started the team? They worked together for years. Strzok was not some field agent from Iowa.

Strzok is at least as bad a person as Trump.


Because it’s the FBI.


I said Trump supporters would not let it rest and you have just proven it. Sneaky time and time again, in thread after thread you continually post things that prove I am rarely wrong. Thank you for that.


Then everyone on this board is guilty of the same thing.

Don’t be silly please, you’re not that guy.


They pulled a comey…this is gonna be amazing to watch this spin


If the deep state was controlling this investigation and if they have so much power how come they could not create evidence that showed Trump conspired with the Russians?

The fact Trump is cleared of these accusations shows that our system works. Of course there will be many who oppose Trumps presidency that will be dissapointed but regardless this proves the system works.

If Mueller had never investigated then Trump wold never have been cleraed. This is exactly why investigate accusations.


Who pulled a Comey? Barr?

This was a LEGALLY required report he delivered to congress.

Comey went against department regs in what he did.

How are they the same?


No it’s not the same thing. There is a contigent of people who believe everything they read on the internet

I don’t understand the logic. If democrats don’t know ■■■■ about guns and believe everything the internet says about scary gun and therefore support anti gun policies based on their ignorance, why can’t people read the internet about the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate and believe anything they read.

Again Hillary did NOT lose the election because of social media. But to discount the internet as having an effect on a vote is myopic.


They did a great Job helping Mueller keep the investigator going through the midterms. Which was the only reason they had an investigation. Had Trump lost the senate I think things would be different


Except it’s not the same pr even similar because the end result of Benghazi stated gross negligence on Hillary’s part. Trump is not to blame for the Russia collusion, as per the Mueller letter.


No I haven’t because I’m not a Trump supporter. I am a Lib Toppler, Trump is just a useful idiot.

But you’re welcome.


So you just believe?

cue X-files music


That’s a nice theory. They could have kept it going through 2020. Kinda like a certain college President did in the 90s.


Comey didnt bring charges against her…


Remember when you were all about mueller and comey being friends and that this was all a shame…