Barr has Mueller report


Far from it. Also it wasn’t Comey place but I sure as hell understand his predicament thou considering what Loretta Lynch did.

Also did you read the list of obstructionism and collusion that Trump had done?


I do know that. Nobody believes everything they read on anything. They believe what agrees with what they already believe. Hell, they only read what they already believe.


Objectivity is a myth, like multi-tasking. It doesn’t exist.

Strzok is everything you claim to hate about Trump. He is a sorry ■■■■ bag.


And how many do you think were on the fence about Hillary to begin with? How many of those had that ve reinforced by their social media feed?

You’ll say non but there is nothing to back that up. What we do know is that people’s minds can be pushed even if not completely changed. What is otherwise in the background can be brought to the fore


I can’t believe what I’m reading - all this dissing of Mueller, his investigation and the FBI.

They did the job they were tasked to do.

I don’t know if I want to be associated with a forum where so many disrespect our system of justice.


I don’t get this new talking talking point. Along the way, we found that:

We know Russians approached the Trump campaign with materials that would aid their campaign in the Trump Tower meeting. And the Trump team lied about it.

We know Sater told Cohen via email that Putin and the Russians would help Trump get elected as part of discussing the Trump Tower Moscow deal. And we know the Trump team lied about it.

We know that Stone had contacts with Guccifer regarding the hacked emails.

We know that Manafort—the campaign manager at the time—gave Killimnik internal polling data (doing this with a US super PAC would be a federal offense).

Why wouldn’t the media be talking about the investigation and things that came to light? Those are pretty big deals. They are news worthy.


Good Lord.

No, you didn’t call me a name. And you didn’t destroy anything.


None. That’s why she won the popular vote. People made their minds up about her years ago.


Sounds more like, he didnt like Trump, and you and other’s couldnt prove it was affecting his work, and that makes you mad.


Prove it


The FBI can go pound sand.

You have no idea how hard it was for me to clean that up.


The party of rule and law :rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: prove you didn’t destroy my “partisan argument”?

Prove Strzok is a ■■■■ bag?


Im still waiting


I’m not a member of any party of anything, I’m not a subject to be ruled and I only need 10 Laws to follow.


Are you baiting this forum?


So am I.


Well, you’ve spent 2 days repeating republican talking points. Actions vs words


Repeating talking points is words. And I’ve mostly been repeating dem talking points - mockingly of course.

I despise republicans more than democrats. Republicans are supposed to know better.


So what does North Korea’s hacking of Sony have to do with anything?