Barr has Mueller report


You’re basically saying its not a crime if you dont get caught.


That’s a restriction on government. Not free speech loving private citizens.


How many times does this need to be explained? I’m not talking about knowledge from other individuals. Criminal acts are criminal acts, regardless of the knowledge of others. Proving it in the court of law is a different topic.


No collusion… He still is a piece of trash


Interesting. It means there must be some very suspicious behavior


Yep. Me too.

I still want to see the whole report.


See page 2 of Barr’s letter. Also, the SC concluded that they tried to, from multiple Russian affiliated actors, to assist the Trump campaign.

Mueller also made no determination regarding Obstruction of Justice.


I don’t understand what you’re trying to argue, at all.


The FBI knew the origins of the report as soon as it was given to them.


Yep. All along i defended the investigation. Still will no matter the findings. Mueller should be thanked by all parties


This isn’t turning out the way so many were expecting it to.


No. Who hacked Sony?


Yes you did.

Mueller owes an apology. He gets no thanks.


So you think Mueller, and the FBI are lying?


Does it? Is that the only thing that could mean?


Mueller did his job he was assigned to do. I’m sorry that it hurt your political party, but checks and balances and the rule of law is what keeps this country together. Mueller did nothing wrong.



Things that make you go hmmmm


I’m pretty sure someone in this thread assured me there were sealed indictments. Wonder what they now think where CNN is reporting NO sealed indictments filed.


Especially since they couldn’t or wouldn’t say where they read/saw/herd that there were for sure sealed indictments.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm


LOL libs heads everywhere is exploding…stay indoors for at least 24 hours for your own safety.


No, I’m saying I’m not a criminal unless 1. There was a crime and 2. You prove I did it.


Collusion delusion was proven…


If you steal, youre a thief, regardless of what anyone else knows or does. Funny that of all days, today is the day you make this bizarre argument