Barr has Mueller report


No obstruction… The process crime the Trump haters were all hoping for. …


Why should they?

I’m certainly not. Nor Hildawg either. Nor Kavanaugh. Libs have been naughty.


No obstruction of justice either.


This will be the left’s “no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges.” It’s Barr’s opinion that whatever Mueller laid out towards obstruction did not merit bringing an obstruction charge, from what i’ve heard so far.


And no charge of pergery in his written statements (I know a few libs where hanging there hat on that charge coming too).


They knew two years ago there was no collusion and investigation was an attempt to make Trump unpopular. Thus they interfered in the midterms…


Mueller isn’t. The FBI definitely is.


Apparently openly admitting you fired an FBI Director to take pressure off of yourself is not considered obstructing justice. Who would have known?

I will accept the findings, wait to hear more about the underlying information obtained during the investigation, and see what others taking place turn up.


The hell he didn’t. Strzok and Page were in his house and he hired them.


That doesn’t make any sense. Is the FBI playing Mueller?


And he fired them. Keep busting out the talking points…


Yes, but who cares. They were fooled for two years about Russain collusion… This is just like the Smollett case in slow motion, lol!


In the Comanche culture, you would be a hero.


Mueller only hires the best people.


Agree 100%


Its simply a fact. Murder is murder, even if you do it in super super secret. Very strange argument you are making here.


No. Mueller is taking their crap at face value. He’s older than I am, what does he know about hacking.

Hillary sucks memes on facebook is not interfering in a ■■■■■■■ election.


Great news that the President did not collude

Fun story i guess’s all those democrats on the Mueller team did their job. I love love love the fact that those who derided Mueller and his democrats can now … do whatever exactly?



Yes, hard to claim obstruction when Mueller had all the time he needed… And them some X 100 Poor Manafort. Held by and tortured the inquisition for nothing. Just to keep the news cycle negative on Trump…


You think ha … Puppet of Putin!!!
Two and 1/2 years from the left.