Barr found in contempt of congress? Will it make any difference?

I mean it’s only congress right? And it was just a committee vote. What are the chances the whole house votes for contempt?

It won’t make any difference at all.


It’s theater.


Gee, I wonder if the DOJ will take up the referral from the House to persue prosecution for the contempt?

Answer, of course not. However it doesn’t make for a good movie.

Not a bit, Nadler and the rest of his henchmen will have to get a 206 year law thrown out, and the speed our justice system works will be into Donald Trump Jr. second term.

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Nobody named Trump will ever be President of this country again.

Chances are good the DEM controlled house votes for contempt. Will it make a difference? About as much as it did with Holder. It is a meaningless gesture, made to discredit Barr ahead of his investigations on the collusion delusion origins.


Nobody ever thought this Trump would ever be President either now did they? From the looks of it he will be until 2024. Unless Chelsea Clinton runs in 2020.

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I’m still waiting for Rove to be frog marched to prison.


Epic thread

I’m still waiting for anyone to be marched to prison. I’m sure the framers of the constitution had this in mind when they drafted it.

It shouldn’t since it didn’t make a difference when Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress! :roll_eyes:


You’ll be waiting a very long time.

I have been.

Any day now. :rofl:

I have better things to do, like irritate people who actually believe anything’s coming out of this soap opera. It’s good to have hope, until it consumes one and turns into obsession.

I have no hope, it wasn’t Rove it was Armitage and she wasn’t no NOC.

Any day isn’t a dog that hunts anymore my friend.

You mean they gave up on Rove indictment?

Damn…what a bummer.

Ate you also still upset that Hillary thinks she was robbed of the presidency?