Bank CEO Indicted for Allegedly Aiding Manafort With Loans in Exchange for Trump Administration Job

So today Trump tweeted that Tillerson is dumb as a rock (Trump hired him) and Manafort (Trump hired him) got Stephen Calk to approve millions in loans while negotiating a possible job as Sec. of the Army (under Trump).

Is there any integrity with Trump and his team? General Mattis is the only one I can think of.

Libs act like Hillary wouldn’t have done the exact same thing. The only difference is if the Democrats were doing it it would be a bad thing.

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Calk was an economic advisor on the Trump campaign along with his former Business partner Victor Lorber who was behind the President trying to build in Moscow going back to the 90’s.

Great bunch of guys.

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Is this the collusion people have been lying about for 3 years??

Must. Defend. Trump.

Trump is a joke, but his worshipers are an embarrassment to themselves.

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i always pay special attention to the first posts in threads about law breaking/potential law breaking.

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Meh, I used to care. But now I don’t.

If around 35% of the population worships Trump as a King, it doesn’t matter what happens.
Of course if its a Democrat, then that’s worthy of angry spittle.

must repeat same basic comment over and over and over again to deflect… Some here are one trick ponies… It is ALL THE GOT

Why not comment on the â– â– â– â– â– â–  job that Trump has done in selecting people for his administration.

Even though Trump supporters all bought into the “I only hire the best” mantra They still refuse to hold him responsible for the choices he made.

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"After Trump won, the indictment says, Calk sent a list of jobs that he might like, including Secretary of the Army.

He did not get the position, the indictment alleges,…"

Manafort pulled another fast one. Nothing, of course, to do with Trump or anyone in his administration (one of whom was not Manafort)

The incident has been public knowledge for a long time, though of course the indictment wasn’t.

“Secretary of the Army”. What a joke.

Collusion? It was never about collusion. It was always about …ummm…some bank clerk who thought he would be Secretary of the Army or something.
They got Trump now.

A clerk was CEO? What an interesting professional trajectory.

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So still no collusion then.

I thought so.

Any time frame on the collusion being presented to the American people??

A bank clerk?

I know you want to diminish what this is, but at least keep it within the realm of this reality that we all live in.

Great catch of irrelevancy.
Though Refle beat you to it.

trump? This thread is about manafort trading favors for jobs.

You’re suggesting trump personally interviews people for every job in the administration??

Ummm…neither the bank CEO nor Manafort were ever in the administration, so I’m not sure where this direction leads, anyway.

If In were you, I would just ignore it. I’m sure there’s nothing to it.

The guy was one of the President’s economic advisors during the campaign.

Just like people want to diminish Manafort’s role in the campaign when he was running the thing, I get that one would want to distance Calk from the President.

I understand it… I really do.

If the President was surrounded by criminals then it doesn’t look good for the President.

But at least make the distancing realistic.

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