Bailout Joe to "forgive" insurance company of all costs of rebuilding the FSK bridge

“The Federal government will pay for the ENTIRE cost of reconstructing that bridge”

  • Joe Biden

I am not sure how to post the orig. video
so here is a twitter link.

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What are we supposed to be upset about?

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That the bridge is going be red

From listening to the question at the end of the briefing it seems the US government will be paying and then getting reimbursement from the insurance company.

This actually makes sense as the insurance company could take some time to investigate and pay out. This way the rebuilding can start much faster.


Which part of the video shows that the federal government is not going to recoup?

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That people let others come up with talking points without giving the point a thought


He did not aay he would seek compensation. He said "We’re not gonna wait for that to happen "


Right spend then recover. Done all the time. It’s called subrogation when insurance companies do it. They pay for repairs because the job may have deadlines and then recoup the policy payout.

See the thing with an insurance company is that you can’t just say give me money. They can deny investigate etc.

It’s ok not to know this.

It’s great to double down

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The government that engages in constant asset forfeiture is going to just say meh. :joy:

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Not sure we’re supposed to be upset (probably though.)

We are supposed to know that the Pres is a lawyer and capable of choosing his carefully-chosen words precisely.

Moreover a short, prepared statement like that was probably “gone over” more than once by people who are good at choosing precise words.

This was not a sloppy hasty off-the-cuff statement while eating an ice cream cone on a golf course. He left exactly the impression he wanted to leave.


this is just perfection.

(1) read someone else’s interpretation of the statement
(2) run here tell that
(3) blame President and his staff for causing the interpretation.


ridiculous . . . and already (yet again) going off the topic and returning to your favorite one. “people here.”

“Hey taxes”
“People here never used to . . .”

“Hey spending”
"You just want to . . . "

"Hey a bailout . . . "
"I know your every inner thought and you just . . . "

“Hey foreign policy”
“People here are just like . . .”

I’m home now and can post more detail.

Francis Scott Key Bridge reconstruction should be paid for by federal government, Biden says
By Kaia Hubbard , Kathryn Watson , Caitlin Yilek

Updated on: March 26, 2024 / 7:46 PM EDT / CBS News

Washington — President Biden said Tuesday that he believes the federal government should pay for the entire cost of the reconstruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, which collapsed when a container ship crashed into it earlier Tuesday.

“It is my intention that the federal government will pay for the entire cost of reconstructing that bridge, and I expect the Congress to support my effort,” Mr. Biden said in remarks from the White House, adding that he plans to visit Baltimore as soon as he can. . . .

Sen. Chris Van Hollen, a Maryland Democrat, said Mr. Biden has “pledged the full support of the federal government.” . . .

“We need to get that channel cleared. And then, of course, replacing the bridge will come next and we’re going to have to work very hard to get those resources put together to do the job,” he said on CBS News’ “America Decides.” “So number one, search and rescue. Number two, clear the channel, reopen the port. Number three, rebuild the bridge.” . . .

Another video at this link (pretty much the same as the first.)

No this was a rehash of what you did in this thread.

There is no some people. I am not going to involve others in this.

Now you re going to to post some more links. And still ignoring that paid for doesn’t mean without subsequent recoupment.

It takes time to get money from insurance carriers.

Oh look at that i was right

Triple down

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Yeah since we are no longer discussing anything related to the topic . . . (gee fnacy that happening with you in the thread.

I was in the car.
I saw an interesting tweet, and I thought “Ooh, the folks over at Hannity might want to discuss this.”

Shame on me that’s terrible.
I should have known it would be half and half.

Some posters here don’t want to discuss politics and economics etc., they only want to discuss “people here.”

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How is that not the topic? :joy:

I don’t know man. May be take the time to read what’s being written then Analyze the possibilities and then debate the outcome.

Yeah umm this kind of thing happens all the time with insurance. A few years ago, my vehicle was struck by another vehicle from behind. The insurance company of the at fault driver was playing hardball, so my attorney went ahead and filed a claim (with my authorization) against the uninsured motorist portion of my policy so I could receive the compensation I needed. I, of course, had to pay out a deductible to do this. Six months later, a settlement had been reached whereby both me and my insurance company were reimbursed by the insurance of the at fault party. It was done for my convenience so I could get back on my feet sooner.

Same concept applies here.


That’s a terrible state :blush:. In New York you don’t have to pay a deductible on rear ends and parked cars.

I went through so much nonsense when i lived in south Brooklyn. People just drive like psychos there.


I agree. The economic loss to the country by not cleaning this up and rebuilding the bridge ASAP would be enormous. And when you say “could take some time” what that really means is “would take several years.”

I-695 is part of the National Interstate Highway System. The Feds will become the beneficiary of whatever settlement eventually comes out of the insurance payment.


I hope that the Army Corps of Engineers can clear the channel fast and get the ships in and out. I heard that between 12K-15K jobs are on the line here. Get this fixed and when we know the cause(s) go after the money.