Background Check Law Cost Taxpayers Big Time

So the article notes that the FBI has been working to improve their background check mechanism. But the law still remains that if they can’t complete the background check in three days the applicant gets the gun.
If this limit had not been in place it is very likely that Roof would not have been able to purchase the gun. Sure, he might have found a way to get a gun and commit the murders. But I do think that the three day limit should be extended.

There is absolutely no justification for a person to get a gun until they have passed the background check.

If you are going to have background checks to purchase a firearm, it needs to be fast and accurate. It’s ridiculous that it took 3 days in this case. If we invested in the system, it could be done in 15 minutes or less.

To how long?

Until its done…

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To hell with anyone trying to take my rights away because of some lonely pathetic dumbass on the east coast. :man_shrugging:



Don’t give them foot-dragging ideas.


So a year if they decide to lose paperwork and drag their asses?


No…Lets say they get a week. It’s not done by then, you go to top of list. Something along those lines

If the law said three days and it wasn’t practical to do a check in three days, then the FBI wasn’t responsible.
The people who were paid the money certainly had huge amounts of damage…but by Roof, not the federal government.
So lets not pretend that what the FBI did cost 88 million. Garland just decided to make a humanitarian/political gesture by giving that money to them.
Just as he is considering giving it to people for crossing the border illegally.


No. What’s different about a week and 3 days?

BGC are unConstitutional prior restraint in the first place.

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4 days.

Thank you for the input from the contingent of Subjects Recently Disarmed by Their State.

We will give it due consideration and reach out to you if we need further advice from a Penal Colony of The Crown ruled by hoplophobes.

Contemporaneously of course.


Hilariously uninformed.

Singularly well informed .

I’m sorry I hurt you.

If the government can’t figure out if you are on one of it’s naughty lists within 3 days, then the system needs to be fixed rather than extending the time frame. Inadequate systems are no excuse to place further burden on the expression of individual rights.

The burden needs to be lifted and the Constitution followed.


I agree.