Background Check Law Cost Taxpayers Big Time

The FBI is corrupt and a dem operation and should not have anything to do with people’s right to bear arms.

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How come we can vet people, without using computers and the FBI, coming from nations known for exporting terrorism on the spur of the moment, and allow them to fly into our country, but we can’t vet our own citizens who have no questionable history in 3 days? :thinking::thinking:

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The reason the NICS was enacted with the 3 day (that’s not inflexible, there are provisions that can extend that to two weeks I think it is) performance period was established is because under the earlier Brady Bill, the FBI was often taking weeks to complete the checks. Now, they complete most in less than two minutes. It takes me longer to fill out the Form 4473 than it takes to have them complete the background check and approve the purchase. Give them “until it’s done” and, depending on who is in the White House, they could drag their feet indefinitely like they do with class 3, permits.

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The top of what list? Do you have any idea of what you are talking about?

The FBI doesn’t have to stop doing the check in three days, they can keep looking up until they are required to delete the record of the transaction (30 days I think … might be longer.) If they find cause to not approve the purchase, they can rescind the approval and confiscate the gun. Why they did not do that with Roof is one of those unanswered questions.

Yes you are, but it’s not particularly funny.

The situation with Roof was that the run in with the law that would have put a hold on his purchase was not uploaded in a timely manner to the FBI data base by the LE Agency that he ran afoul with. But as I said, when that information was available, the FBI could have … should have … rescinded the approval and either confiscated the gun themselves or alerted to do so.