Authoriatarism in the Time of Covid-19

Feds are apparently raiding the supplies of public hospitals for their purposes.

What’s up with that?

Can’t seem to get the link to work, it’s at the Los Angeles Times.

Cops in Colorado found a man and his daughter playing T-ball alone in a park.

They handcuffed him - though they’re apologizing for it now.

I’m all for social distancing but use some common sense, officers!

In Pennsylvania a 19-year old woman in York was pulled over for a busted tail light.

Cops asked her what she was doing…she said “Going for a drive”.

They fined her $200…more than the tail light fine would have been.

Sure they did it for the money…but it was stupid.

If I leave my house and go for a drive and then go back home without stopping anywhere?

I’ve put neither myself nor anyone else at risk of catching the virus.


Our governor just ■■■■■■■ sucks. He allows people to go fishing in big groups, but two of us can’t walk the golf course. Had the cops called on us for walking on the golf course. Doing everything we were told. Staying apart. Cups were raised, balls didn’t go in the hole and need to be pulled out. No carts. Clubhouse closed. But that’s not good enough.

But he can go fishing, good for him.

■■■■ that guy.


I can’t really feel sorry for anyone who gets arrested outside by the police these days. If they’re that lacking in awareness, frolicking about in the open without a half-way decent motive, they’re the main ones who should just stay home.

All of us could be be walking biological weapons without realizing it. Don’t be selfish.

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And this is why it’s easier for China to get ahold of the problem than it is in the west. We have certain freedoms we are used to and rightfully don’t want to give up. In an authoritarian government they can squelch the media, downplay the numbers with little pushback and implement policies like if you are caught outside you will be executed.

Sucky system for every day citizens and no were I would want to live but probably more efficient for getting rid of a pandemic as they could care less. It reminds me of the movie World War Z, there was a cool part in the movie were supposedly the only country that wasn’t infected with zombies was North Korea the reason being the virus was transmitted by biting. So before the disease came to North Korea they had the teeth removed from every citizen in the country.

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Fishing is fine… go ahead, get together, drink beer by or on the lake…

“Are they stockpiling this stuff? Are they distributing it? We don’t know,” one official said. “And are we going to ever get any of it back if we need supplies? It would be nice to know these things.”

I can think of many reasons why the Federal government might take supplies from one place if they are desperately needed elsewhere. Hording of masks is worse than hording toilet paper.
However, I also agree that if you are doing something like that you need transparency. Make it public why you are doing it and what you are doing with the materials.
This definitely needs to be cleared up, assuming the rejports are accurate.

Ok. Some cops in some states are messing up.
Now, for those who complain that Trump should declare a nationwide lockdown…do you really want to put the police power of every state under the control of one person…DJT? I mean, I don’t feel about him like you do but I don;t want to do that.


Why do I get the feeling the libs want to blame Trump for overbearing police?

And yes…for all you gun owners out there. Most police will come for your guns if they’re told too.

Rural sheriffs not so much.


Lib utopia California sheriff says he can fine and arrest anyone that is not wearing a mask when they are outside of their home.

Is that same goverment that’s saying unless you have anti-bodies you may not be able to go back to work?

How are you going to get anti-bodies unless you’re exposed?

Once again stupid people in power.


There is a small part of me that understands why we are doing this. But there is a much larger part of me that says . . .
“What does this remind you of? You may only go outide where and when we tell you. You man only work at the places we tell you. You may only associate with the people we tell you.”
Sorry, but that doesn’t fit out constitutional rightrs.

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I counted 30 of them on a local walking trail in about a 1 mile distance earlier today. :roll_eyes: They aren’t keeping any sort of distance from each other either.

I was in a car driving by.

Show me your papers…

Cops pulls you over lic, registration, insurance and health certificate.


Interesting feeling. Do you have any examples to back it up or is this just something you made up?

My concern about the police is that domestic violence calls are spiking – people stuck at home who would prefer not to be. Those are the most dangerous interventions police make – in terms of likelihood of being injured. Unfortunate side effect of the virus.

No I blame overbearing cops for being overbearing.

Which is why I laugh at a lot of the law and order conservatives here who state that if a cop shoots you during a stop, it’s your fault because you didn’t just sit there and obey the cop to the letter.

I dare you find one post of mine saying such a thing.

Maybe not you.

A lot of others do.

A lot of cops suck and are horrible human beings out to show you who’s boss.

I put these cops in that boat…especially since Ms. Shaffer did not take her traffic stop lying down.

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News flash…same goes for all goverment jobs, whether you’re a cop or building inspector. It’s position of authority.


Building inspector can’t arrest you if you refuse to put out your cigarette while sitting in your own car and he’s outside it.