At last examples of systemic racism?

Scott Adams recently attracted attention with tweets about working at companies that openly stated that white males would not be promoted, and he asked other people had experienced similar situations. The response has been overwhelming. Here are a few examples:

I was flat out told by a recruiter that, even with my qualifications, the company only wanted to hire Indians”. i.e. H1B

When my son was considering pre med fifteen years we met w the head of a pet med program. She said, candidly you are white and male. Your chances are almost nil to get into a med school.

I was expressly told that I would never be promoted to a higher position than the one I held, specifically because I am a white male. On two occasions, in two different companies.

Called in for a State job (many blacks share my last name), told they’d been trying to fill job for 6 months, I was totally qualified but they were REQUIRED to hire a black female. Another State opportunity opened, black female mgr said I was qualified but she ONLY hired blacks.

Does anyone here have similar experience?

Are affirmative action programs examples of systemic racism?

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If true, that’s completely fair to label it as racism.

I don’t see how those who say they are anti-racist can be pro discrimination based on one’s skin color.

Every time i’ve asked to have this explained why stuff like this is ok, the only response I seem to get is sarcasm as in “gee, it’s so tough to be white these days/when will white men catch a break?”


I agree.

My wife has a woman doctor acquaintance who tells a story about applying to a Virginia state medical school back in the 1960s. At the time state undergraduate schools were still segregated by race and sex, but graduate and professional programs had been forced to integrate as a result of court decisions.

When she went in for an interview at the school, the old doctor who interviewed her ended the interview with a statement something like this:

“We admit 50 students: 35 in-state 15 out-of-state, 2 blacks, 2 Jews, and one woman and honey you are not going to be it.”

It seems that similar quotas still exist; only the numbers have changed.

So back then only 2% of admitted students were female. Sounds bad.

How about today? Females represented 50.7% of the 21,338 medical school matriculants (new enrollees) in 2017, compared with 49.8% in 2016.

Sounds about right, don’t you think?

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I suggest that it would be far better if decisions were not be based on race or gender.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Martin Luther King

“At the very same time that America refused to give the Negro any land, through an act of Congress, our government was giving away millions of acres of land in the West and the mid-West, which meant that it was willing to undergird its white peasants from Europe with an economic floor.

“But not only did they give the land, they built land grant colleges with government money to teach them how to farm. Not only that, they provided county agents to further their expertise in farming. Not only that, they provided low interest rates in order that they could mechanize their farms. Not only that, today many of these people are receiving millions of dollars in federal subsidies not to farm.

“And they are the very people telling the black man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps. And this is what we are faced with. Now this is the reality. Now when we come to Washington, in this campaign, we are coming to get our check.”

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

I was provoked by a black man in front of witnesses without cause. He then took a swing at me and missed. We met with our boss. He claimed it was racial on my part. He was sent on his merry way. I was sent to three days of diversity training. My career never recovered. But I have not let that incident taint my race relations. He does not represent anyone but himself. My race relations continue to be excellent.


Poor Scott is getting his butt kicked on Twitter for his obvious fake stories.

You were provoked but he took the swing?

There’s something missing from this story.

There is. It’s a long story. He took an immediate dislike to me. For reasons that nobody really understood. I asked people if I ever did anything to offend him. I got replies such as “I can’t believe the ■■■■ you are expected to take from that guy.” Then one day when I was working, he walked passed me and out of the blue, without a word came an upper cut. I felt the breeze as it went past my chin. That’s when it got serious and they sent me to diversity training.

Dude, systemic racism does happen to white people to. You can’t deny it.

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They sent you to diversity training for doing nothing? Your job must suck.

Who says medical school acceptance is based on gender? The sexes are 50/50 here and so is medical school enrollment.

The part about medical school admissions is straight up ■■■■■■■■■ I’m not saying that someone didn’t say that; if they did, they’re straight up lying.

YESSSSSSSS!!! I was gonna post the very same thing, thank you for beating me to the punch
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Read his posting history on this site. It’ll come to you.

Worked in the mid 90s for a company that has since merged with two others to become a major corporation. Their employment ads openly stated “Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.”

In all fairness to them, they never turned down white men for jobs or promotions. That was the management, & they were actually pretty fair & reasonable.

The attitude of the black & Hispanic female employees, though, wasn’t always so tolerant. There was at least one very quiet white woman they targeted for gossip and were disciplined by the supervisor.

I had applied months before, interviewed & gotten hired for a job with a higher shift diff as the hours were later. They openly expressed disdain that “someone from within didn’t get the job”, to which the supervisor told them they actually had to apply, which no one did, it wouldn’t just be handed over to anyone.

There were remarks made that “with her blond hair and blue eyes, no one will be looking out for her”. There were relatively few who fit that description. I guess they missed the part of the ad that stated AND WOMEN.

I left them after securing a higher paying position closer to home.

He took a swing at you and YOU got sent to diversity training?:face_with_monocle:

Dude I’d have been circulating my resume and given notice when I got a better offer.

Contrary to popular belief, there were a good number of African-American homesteaders under the Homestead Act of 1862:

Personally I think compensation for people who were directly harmed by federally mandated racial discrimination makes sense. For example, federal law required redlining for FHA loans from the 1930s until the 1960s:

A program could be similar to compensation for the Japanese-American internment.

Yeah. That’s going to happen. :rofl: :wink:

Modern Conservatives/Republicans will stop liking MLK again in 3…2…1…