Ashley Biden Diary Contents Verified

at least acc to recent court docs and her testimony. Snopes upgraded this claim to “true”

i know i know “snopes isnt reliable”

they upgraded to true due to a letter Ashley sent to the judge obtained by new york times. details here:

i feel bad for this poor girl/woman, with what she went through. she makes clear these bizarre events in her youth were traumatizing.

but all this is pointing to being true after all


I accept this as confirmation. But don’t just skip over her own words either

“Repeatedly, I hear others grossly misinterpret my once-private writings and lob false accusations that defame my character and those of the people I love.“

In other words… she confirms the pages are true but does not agree with the way they were interpreted.

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true, but how does one “misinterpret” “at young age shower with my dad” etc?

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Ask her. If you believe her confirmation you should also believe her interpretation.


her interpretation is that her pedophille father was showering with her when she was 12


So if Snopes has upgraded it to true and this diary has been out for years, does that mean Snopes is now admitting they have been wrong all of this time prior? I wonder how much else this “fact check” source is wrong about?


“I will forever have to deal with the fact that my personal journal can be viewed online,” Biden wrote. “Repeatedly, I hear others grossly misinterpret my once-private writings and lob false accusations that defame my character and those of the people I love.”

“Her actions were not only re-traumatizing to me, but constituted a horrific trauma in and of themselves. This ongoing harm is a direct result of Ms. Harris’s intentional actions,” the letter said."

Sad state of affairs. Hard to determine what she means by miss interpretation or what she is talking about. Especially when she says “re-traumatizing me”. She was traumatized as a child it seems.


well i’ll say i’ve been hesitant to believe this diary story but this increases validity (a lot)

when joe’s eyes roll back in his head as he goes head first for the all little girls’ hair, i’m thinking it really is what it is…. (it was kind of obvious before though)

let’s see what cnn and msnbscrewball have to say about it


This is sad.

We like to joke and cringe at the kid sniffing. Now we know his own child was subjected to some exceptionally inappropriate paternal contact.

I think losing to Trump will be just the kind of karma Geno Joe has coming his way.

Will leave it at that.



something tells me she would not be so traumatized in her youth, and now, if what she verified in the letter to the judge were fictional.

Once again. Not supposed to believe what was written. Suppose to believe what leftists say was written.


The Kid Sniffer was just doing what he does best. C’mon guys, it’s Ol’ Joe!

Anyway, it’s still early. The pedo defense is just getting started. Get your vomit bags ready. :rofl: :face_vomiting:


Uh, huh…right along with “Snopes”.

Nopes. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Only when you use it. :wink:


biden family of freaks

joe showers with his daughter
they mistreat their dog
son is a drug addicted loser
wife likes to pretend she’s an actual dr.

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No that’s your interpretation not hers. Where did you get that she was “showering with her when she was 12”.

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From snopes not sure on age, I haven’t read the diary and won’t.

"An often cited page from that “leaked diary,” which chronicled its author’s addiction recovery in intimate detail, makes reference to sexual trauma and poses questions in search of an explanation for being “hyper-sexualized @ a young age.” Along with mentions of not liking to visit a certain family’s house, “being sexualized” with a female friend, and “having sex with friends @ a young age,” the author noted taking “showers with my dad (probably not appropriate).”


It’s not hard to interpret. The fact that this story keeps popping up with contents of her diary is re-traumatizing. Her private diary was exposed and continues to be shared whether it be in court or online.

Repeatedly. Re-traumatizing.

“False accusations”.

It’s not hard to follow. Heck there was another misinterpretation and false accusation in this thread already.

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The only thing more disgusting than that are the pedo supporters defending the pedo.


The re-traumatizing can come from the repeating of the sexual abuse she suffered also. To me it is not clear what she meant. You being a hyper partisan will only see on side.