As of today, my discretionary spending is being re-evaluated and cancelled

So I’m expecting the “tax relief” discount on my car insurance every six mons will go way – and the rate go up if the tax rate on the evil insurance corporation goes up.

I’m expecting the “tax relief” discount on my homeowners insurnace yearly will go away – and the rate go up if the tax rate on the evil insurance corporaton goes up.

I’m expecting the line item(s) of “tax relief” on by my natural gas bill (for heating my home) and the electric bill (for lights and electronics) will go away. And since they are both evil corporations and will be hit harder with taxes, I expect BOTH to go to the Utah Rate Commission and get rated increased.

Gas prices will go up, as Biden will want everyone driving electric cars, and do all in his power to shut down the drilling industry.

Once gas prices go up, look for everything from Trash collection fee’s to items in the grocery stores to go up. You know, since most of the companies that make the food and the companies that deliver them are EVIL corporations and need to be taxes more.

Nope, Biden and his tax increase will effect us ALL.

Might want to address you discretionary spending now, since a lot of it will become spending on things to keep you alive.

And this doesn’t even touch new regulations he will try to re-impose and others that Dem/Libs will want in place. Doesn’t even cover all the “new” free-free-free" things that Dem/libs want to impose (free healthcare, free education, free childcare, free housing).

Maybe I should quit my job and join in the free free free movement.

I can’t do that. I have more integrity than to do that. But the company that I paid all last year to come and maintain my lawn – they will be cut. Out of town weekend ventures – most likely will be cut. Now I’m second guessing my plan to purchase an electric assist bike in the spring. Might just keep riding the motorcycle as much as possible. New clothes – old ones will have to do.

Here are pictures of my two Utility bills that show the line item were the discount appears for the “Tax relief” that congress passed under Trump.

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Glad you got a plan. It’s always wise to save money.


I’ll buy that solo wheelie thing off ya.


Personal responsibility is good.

Glad to see it coming back into fashion.

I hope to see the president emulate the behavior you model.


Now Trump is on his way out, integrity and responsibility will once again become a conservative mantra.


I’m still buying a Playstation 5.

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I’ve always had it, and continue to have it.

I have a set amount every month that goes into saving – that is just going to increase some now.

My car is paid for – bought for cash no loan – same with my motorcycle and camp trailer.

I don’t get the latest greatest cell phone that comes out every year. I upgrade every 2 or 3 years to an older generation phone, but better than the one I have.

I don’t need the latest greatest electionic gizmo gadgets.

I don’t go out to eat 4 or 5 times a week. I cook meals in my home – and take them to work instead of going out for take out like half my co-workers.


See post above this one.

I’m the same way. If everybody was like us our economy would really suck.

Good to hear. I don’t expect my personal saving rate of about 35% to change.

We don’t make more than 400k so, unless congress allows the trump tax rates to expire as trump planned them to except for corporations, my tax rate won’t change.

Trump and the a republicans did set those to expire for us. Pretty soon.

Hopefully you’re not adversely effected by their planned increase in your taxes.

I see the Dem House, Senate, President putting up a bill that “all you middle income people will get to keep your tax savings – but we need to penalize the wealthy to do it. THEY MUST pay more so YOU can KEEP your savings.”

Yes I’m planning around the senate being just barely in Dem control.

Works by me. I see no reason not to return tax rates on the top 10% to pre Reagan levels.

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Always good to be financially responsible.

I wish our government would try it sometime


Dems/Libs love to take our money. They know better how our money should be spent.


I would be thrilled to see it happen, actually.

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Probably a good time to take that into account for your personal finances.

Be prepared, as the Boy Scouts say.

Aaaaah if only we could go back to a simpler time . . . . No internet, no cell phones, Cable was a dozen channels. News actually gave you the facts instead of telling you want to think and creating a narrative around it . . . . That’s long gone my frined. And this tells me that you wouldn’t be in that to 10% that gets nearly all their money confiscated.

Indeed. The deficits we ran up during economic good times were unconscionable.

Looks like some folks are having a hard time with it when the National credit card bill comes due.

Interesting to watch the intersection of political and personal financial malpractice.

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■■■■ me, that sounds like a boring world.

I actually firmly be in that 10% so your wrongness on that could not be more wrong.

The nearly all comment shows the practical application of marginal tax rates escapes you.

Looks like a little bootstrapping’ might make your days ahead simpler.

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