Artemis launch scrubbed

As I stated, you can’t go much beyond lower Earth orbit if you are only going to devote a (relatively) miniscule budget to doing it.

Right, which means they’re trash in the first place. They ■■■■■■ up and I’ll not carry water for their ■■■■ ups.

I recall in the 60’s people were making the exact same argument against even putting satellites into orbit. What a waste of money, they claimed.

I’m not sure how this logic follows.

We don’t give NASA money, therefore they are trash?


I’m not going to claim NASA is awesome because obviously they are not.

But they are also not being set up to succeed…well…if success is measured by having a permanent presence off planet and outside of low earth orbit.

You’re doing a great job of doing my job for me of explaining why they’re trash and need to just be scrapped altogether, and for that I say thank you. :wink:

Okee dokee…

NASA is attempting a do over from 50 years ago and can’t even get that right. More should be expected with a $24 billion budget.


The global positioning systems (GPS) market size was estimated at

Market size value in 2020 USD 62.7 billion
Revenue forecast in 2025 USD 146.4 billion

Brought to us by…NASA and the DOD

Stupid wasteful government.

One issue with the engine in a complex rocket and they “can’t do it right”?


And private industry who built the satellites and created the devices that use it.

It was a collaborative effort. All strategic assets are.

As most of us already realize, the government doesn’t actually make anything.:wink:


They’re attempting a do over. 50 years, $20 billion+ budget for each year, and the best they have is a do over. $10 trillion is a ■■■■ pot of money. But we got Velcro and tang out of it!

Who needs to spend a trillion on NASA when we could spend a trillion jailing people for ingesting the non-approved list of drugs?


If the government does not spend the billions to create the GPS system, there is no GPS system.
No private company would have spent that much…with no guarantee of an ROI.

This is how government spending stimulates the economy…literally creating new industries.

GPS is just one of many.

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They just set the design goals and contract it out.

The Soviet Union attempted to build out all of its tech by government industry. Outside of the AK family and a few sweet aircraft, they didn’t succeed.

Our stuff was way better than theirs because of how our system works. Public sectors sets the design goal and objective. Private sector does the work and mass produces it.

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CO says, “Get this done!”

1SG says, “First platoon, get this done by this time!”

Platoon Sergeant says, “1st - 3rd squad, this needs to get done by this time, with this in mind.”

Squad Leader says, “Alpha and Bravo Team Leaders, this is your task, here is its purpose, this is how you will get it done, and it will be done by this time, looking like this!”

Team Leader says, “Alright men, let’s get this done!” and does all the work with them.

If anyone in that chain added anything more, or took anything away, it would’ve been a complete disaster.

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Except when they had square LiOH cartridges for the CM CO2 scrubbers and round ones for the LM scrubbers.


I will blame the NASA leadership for sinking 25 years into the space shuttle program. That was its biggest mistake…a textbook of example of “we have spent so much money on this already…we can’t scrap it now” thinking.

I don’t think we’d have exo-colonies by now, but for sure we would have saved a ■■■■■■■■ of money.

Look who doesn’t get to see the moon mission with “her own eyes”.

And i thought going to see rocket launches was “white supremacy” anyway. :thinking:

willie brown’s old trick is a secret “white supremacist”.

This is in error.

NASA leadership did not sink a dime into anything.

Congress sank every dime into whatever and whenever.

Massive amounts when the United States and Russia where trying to demonstrate who had the biggest phallus in the 50’s and 60’s.

As soon as that was over, Congress kicked NASA to the curb.

Congressional whims dictated the Shuttle program, International Space Station and every attempted, cancelled and funded program to the present moment.

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