Artemis launch scrubbed

Issue with one of the engines has forced NASA to cancel today’s launch.

They hope to be able to solve it while the rocket is still on the launch pad- if so, they have another launch window on Friday.

If they can’t solve it and have to roll it back to the Vehicle Assembly Building, who knows how long the delay will be?

To hell with those disposable wastes of resources. NASA’s gotta go.

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Well that’s depressing.

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And typical of a piece of ■■■■ organization that can’t even find a toilet seat for under 10,000 bucks.

Very true.

I love that old tale about the American Pen in space versus the Russian solution. A million dollar project to create a pen that can work in zero G versus a cheap 5 cent pencil.


I heard an interesting counter to that once. It was something along the lines of graphite and wood dust fouling up the instruments. I always figured a better air filtration system would still cost less than a million in research either way, but I’m no Mechanical Engineer trying to pawn himself off as a Science Guy either. lol


It’s not a true story… but it sounds good.

@TheRedComet we both knew that tale was a tale, but look at what never fails.


I’d rather see this than sending our money to the Ukraine.

While one has absolutely nothing to do with the other, I agree that they are both complete wastes of time money, and IQ.

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Is your issue with manned space flight in general or just NASA?

Just the Hog known as NASA. I also blame them for the lack of exo-colonies.

Yes I know it’s a myth.

But it’s a pretty accurate description of how a federal agency would handle that hypothetical situation.

They aren’t designed to be cost efficient.

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Hard to disagree and I can’t help but notice people are getting all excited because we are now going to duplicate something we did 50 years ago. We should have been on Mars years ago.

My better half wants to go see a launch. Them constantly being scrubbed is why I say nope.

I live here so I’ve seen quite a few. They really are quite something to see and everyone that can should put that on their bucket list.

It’s a 4.5 hour drive for us. Just long enough to have to stay overnight. A one night turns into 5 night which turns into next month or so :woman_shrugging:

Combine the trip with a cruse out of Port Canaveral. The wife will love it.

Exactly. The space program since my birth has been as stupid as Columbus returning home and doing nothing but skirt the Mediterranean for the rest of his life.

Everything they do is an insult at this point.

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I don’t think you can wholly blame NASA for that.

The perfect storm that enabled Apollo to happen can never happen again.

Exo-colonies and terraforming Mars would be HUGE expenditures…something no one has the appetite for.

Apollo actually spoiled us into believing things were possible that are not without the same sense of urgency that brought Apollo about.

NASA got 5% of the US budget in the 1960s. It gets 0.5% today.

We can’t have exo-colonies or a base on Mars with such a miniscule (relatively speaking) budget.

And this doesn’t even begin to address that making Apollo happen in nine years forced NASA down an unsustainable path.