Artemis launch scrubbed

That’s my point.

It’s a collaborative effort.

They need each other.

They do.

Just like ownership/management needs labor…it’s a virtuous cycle that creates jobs, not some fictitious “Job Creators” that will flee to Galt’s Gulch if we don’t subsidize them.


My point is cons tend to think the government cannot and does not stimulate the economy.

This is one example, where it clearly did, and continues to do so.

I told NASA not to try and save money using Chinese parts…but does our government listen? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

My point is, government wastes lots and Lots and LOTS of money. They are NOT efficient in their spending so that the stimulation you speak of, is all to often exceeded by waste and the taxation necessary to cover their expense.

“If the government were in the business of making beer, it would cost $50 a six-pack.”

Former Vice President, Hubert H. Humphrey, (D) Circa 1968.

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The sound this thing will put out when it finally goes.


You do not understand.
Private businesses will not invest in something, unless there are very good odds, there will be a good ROI.

The government, can, and have been doing that for decades. The trillions in economic activity government spending has produced over the last 80+ years, has had a very large impact on where we are as a nation.

The combo of the government spending on new tech, R&D, taking that risk ( that the private sector will not), and then once a new viable tech or product is created…the private sectors take it over and creates jobs, and wealth.

Smart countries do that. The ones that don’t…do not grow or prosper at the same level.

Who is advocating government make everyday products?

Well, I would ask former Vice President Humphrey but he’s been dead for a while now.

Good God, get a grip on yourself and stop acting like such a child.