Arrrrggghhhh.. Judge Flores

I am starting a petition to impeach Judge Flores… please sign my petition at

for context Trump is upset that he can’t imprison minors longer then 20 days.

Hopefully he’s not a mexican

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Why isn’t this surprising?

but could be a “so-called judge” in this case?

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did you also get the script for season 3 leaked to you?

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No. Seasons 1&2 prepared me.


Judge Flores’ decision is really the oranges of the problem.


If America can’t detain children without due process for longer then 20 days. are you really free personal I would just give up at this point.

Flores is getting demoted to the rank of “so - called judge” until we can figure out what the hell is going on…

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It’s really just bananas that a “so called judge”, probably from one the three mexicos, is allowed to stop us from imprisoning “children”. We all know they are animals…


i think you mean its really just covefefe…

I like my covefefe with two sugars and a porn star… :joy:


Did someone tell Trump he doesn’t actually have to tweet about everything, particularly things he doesn’t have any knowledge about?


He is upset that he cannot detain their parents for longer than 20 days if they bring children with them.

That then makes it necessary that he release obvious illegal immigrants into the country on the HOPE that they will show up for their court hearing…when they get a hearing in the years to come.

It’s a scam that the Congress has no intention of dealing with. The Congress is crap, pure and simple. They are utterly worthless.


It’s Judge Flores fault blame her/him

It’s the fault of the Flores decision AND the subsequent inability of the Congress to clean up their mess.

But what else is new?


instead of blaming the judge how about Trump actually address the problem and hire more immigration lawyers and judges instead of locking people up. i swear all the christians that voted for trump have flushed their morals down the toilet


But Judge Flores is the judge who put the nail in the coffin. Trump isn’t blaming congress… he is blaming Judge Flores

He may have gotten the judge’s name wrong but he isn’t wrong about the Flores decision.

And the Congress is to blame for us even needing a Flores decision.